Bloomberg on Emirates

Emirates makes the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. Although the bulk of the executive interviews are two months old.

The full article is here – Matt Campbell is the journalist and there is also a ten minute Bloomberg interview with him.

Some thoughts and questions for Mr. Campbell as posted on twitter:

Thoughts on EK. US airlines compete with ME3 – but different strategy: alliances/codeshares. OW/Star Alliance/Skyteam.

How much of rhetoric (esp from Delta ref Skyteam) is about protecting alliance partners?

US airlines enjoy major 5th freedom rights Esp Japan. Not shy about exploiting these; building links to China + rest of Asia.

Trump has investments and branding in ME that he will be cautious not to damage. Expect slow but continued EK expansion to US.

No mention of EK521 – did that damage the EK reputation? Also a question of whether the ME can long term support 3 mega-hubs.

IATA estimate assumes doubling of o&d pax trips by 2034 – then the sky gets ever bigger. Just a question of who fills it!

The biggest growth market for aviation is of course China. ME and US airlines will want to grow their share of that market.

Panama on hold. FLL was all about connecting to JetBlue at their Florida hub. Enjoyed the article!

The Bloomberg article is worth a read. But in the end it really does not answer the question that it asks; and leaves other questions unanswered.

And the last line of the article, while trying to be clever, is such nonsense it damages the credibility of the rest.



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