I would like to start with a quick rant…

Picture: @officialcmfc

Thai League 2 2022-2023 – Sunday 26 February 2023

Customs United 1 Chiang Mai FC 0

Chiang Mai FC:

Im ChangKyoon
Kim BoYong

cmfcenglish: This is Simon’s report from the LadKrabang54 stadium for cmfcenglish: the attendance was just 119. 17.30pm starts are a disaster and the League should stop them asap.

I would like to start with a quick rant.

Wednesday, we knew BG wanted to win the League Cup and would arrive with the strongest team available.

So instead of playing our strongest team, we fielded a weakened team saving our first choice  players for today, which was a fcuking stupid idea..!!

A game where we had an opportunity, however slim, to reach a semi-final which would have been a cracking day out for the fans.

But as we know the club don’t give a fcuk about us, which is rather sad.

Perhaps put a coach for fans to attend away games as we did yonks  ago…?

So on a lovely evening in Lat Krabang two evenly matched teams looking to boost their slim chances of making the playoffs started with Chiang Mai pinging the around rather smartly, which makes a change…!!

Usually I am more concerned about giving away an early goal, which was  crap habit that we have ditched, thank fcuk.

After about ten minutes Fahas made a decent save with his feet. He has gained a lot of confidence in his last few games, and his handling and distribution have greatly improved. Life is a lot easier with a keeper on top of his game so keep it up young man, you are doing well.

Eight minutes later Sitthai (47) was rightly booked for an oafish challenge on Im, probably  the ref’s only correct decision, he was predictably an incompetent wanker; didn’t see that coming.

From a corner the ball fell kindly for Ronnayod at the edge of the box, who struck the ball narrowly wide. 

Shortly after that the ref should have booked one of their twats for a pathetic dive.

On 43 minutes a lovely floated free kick was met by Velcro about 17 yards out but unfortunately the keeper held it.

On 56 minutes a fine ball towards Kim BoYong who got behind his marker and took it nicely on his chest  was thwarted by their keeper, the ball fell for Im who launched the ball miles over bar.

Tawan, as always was keen to attack his defender and head for the box, also running his nuts off and throwing himself into challenges fearlessly as he usually does was replaced by Srithai, (I have no idea why) although I thought he performed well once he came on.

In the 64th minute Ronnayod dinked a delightful ball over a defender, Im did well to zip in behind their defense and attempted to lob the keeper, smart thinking, just lacked a tad in the execution.

A couple of mins later Fahas produced yet another good save low down to his left.

Then some pointless substitutions were made, which was irritating.

But in the 75 minute Customs scored (Gustav Salin, 9); there was nothing Fahas could do about it…….after that not a lot happened, we just accepted the defeat.

Which pissed me off.

Amornthep should have come on immediately after they scored, bringing him on with a couple of minutes left is pointless, give the young lad a run of games, improve his confidence, use his lightning speed and he will score goals. Keep your chin up mate.

One down with time running out the thing to do is stick Velcro up front, play three at the back and try to grab an equaliser…!!!

What does it matter if we lose by one, two or even three…..?

On a happy note defensively we are beginning to look strong, Velcro and Piyachanok look solid and don’t fcuk around. Piyachanok is constantly talking, which you need from a centre back, he is a very good organiser and will never shirk a challenge.

Sarawut did well again.

Sarawin, who I have kept an eye on  recently has exceptional positioning and is not scared of throwing himself into a challenge, once again had a bloody great game.

The two KoreanBobs earned their wages by constantly running and chasing, very impressive, hats off to you gentlemen.

As usual Velcro was immense.

As the linesmen never get a mention….one was a prize wanker and the other was a fcuking Muppet.

So to sum up, I thought we did well and certainly deserved at least a point.

One last thing, on behalf of Rob and all Chiang Mai FC fans, we wish Suchanon (he is Brazilian) a speedy and total recovery. We can’t wait to see him on the pitch as soon as possible.

That’s all folks, I hope I never have do this again, it’s a lot harder than you think.

Next week Rob will be back.

(Great job Simon!)