A collection of links

Here are links to a collection of web sites and blogs that I have enjoyed over recent years. The list is not exhaustive – and some links may be no longer valid or the websites may not be updated.

Dubai based Airline bloggers:
TampaxTowers – Melissa from EK – not recently update. Which is a shame.
Style High Club – Retro-Jet Girl – from EK – also not recently updated.
The Trolley Dolly – Nadia – also EK crew – another that stopped writing
Life,as I know it (ex EK crew, now Edmonton based full-time mother and consistent blogger!)
Bjorn Moerman – EK pilot, photographer and Fuji promoter!
James Nixon – EK pilot and writer
TheEKSource – EK news

The Dubai Diaries Rachel from EK – still blogging – travel and lifestyle

Thailand Blogs:
Bangkok Noir Chris Coles – writer and artist
BKKOK.com Thailand news – basic.
Thailand Voice promoting blogs from Thailand
Thailand Golf If you want to golf in Thailand there are some fun reviews/commentaries here.

Thai-blogsThailand life and culture
CityLife Chiang Mai

Thailand Crisis not updated but important in understanding 2006-2009.
Thailand Jumped the Shark – not update – but again useful for understanding Thailand’s political crisis.
Thai Films – self explanatory
Prachatai – Thai news in English
New Mandala – new perspectives on SE Asia
Thailand Intelligent News – interesting opinion and  links
Political Prisoners in Thailand – Blocked in Thailand so necessary, sometimes irrational, reading.
GregToDiffer – an expat in Bangkok
Hua Hin Golf – self explanatory
ThailandVoice – Non controversial. harmless, tourism focused.
Women learning Thai – Learning Thai
Thai Cables – Wikileaks Thai content
Mouth of the Mekong – News from the golden triangle
Carabao in english – Thailand’s favorite North Eastern protest rock musicians
NickoBongiorno – I assume this is blocked in Thailand
Ugly-truth Thailand – Also blocked in Thailand
thailandaviation.blogspot.com Thai and Global Aerospace News


Asia Blogs:
Banyan – The Economist
Asia Unbound – CFR
Zen Journalist
The Marmot’s Hole – Korea
The writings of MD Nalapat
Democratic Voice of Burma
Ideas for India

Dubai Blogs:
UAE Community Blog – uniting all UAE bloggers – site not updated since 2015
Dubai informer – general news and events. No commentary.
Secret Dubai Diary – rather disillusioned expat commentary – sadly seems to have died – but again worth keeping for some interesting recent history.
Dubai As It Used To be – self explanatory – fascinating and adding more content!
Kippreport – news and commentary – was once useful – is now dull.
Life In Dubai – moved to Oz after 21 years in Dubai – blog not updated.

Fake Plastic Souks – Alexander McNabb – Dubai social commentator and author.
Dubai Astronomy Group
 – self explanatory

Gulf Photo Plus – one of Dubai’s most active communities

Dubai Construction Update – Not updated since 2014
Grumpy Goat – Poet, blogger and long time GCC resident. Read this before you move here!
Ever changing lanes – Dubai based product photographer
Christopher Saul – Dubai Blog ANother life in dubai blog – this time from someone who works!
Sport360 – The Dubai based sports newspaper
The Hedonista For anyone with extravagant food and hotel tastes in Dubai
Al Serkel Avenue – Dubai’s arts hub

Arabic affairs blogs
The Arabist
Felix Arabia
The Culturist
Pan Arabian Enquirer

Doha News
Al Monitor
The Gulf Blog
The New Arab

Hong Kong Blogs
Digital Life
– A Hong Kong picture blog – interesting pics
A Big White Guy in Hong Kong – self explanatory
Ordinary Gweilo
Hemlock’s Diary. And people think I am opinionated – try this!

EastSouthWestNorth – commentary
Glutter.org – Greater China democracy news and many great links
Hong Kong Hustle
Hong Kong Paintings
Hong Kong Outdoors
Hong Kong and Macau Stuff
Hong Wrong
Hong Kong Free Press 

In China:
Danwei – media and advertising news from China
The China Beat – how the east is read.
Hong Kong Cinemagic
Shanghai Scrap
The Paper Tiger
Peking Duck
China Law Blog
China Rises
China Media Project
China in Africa: The Real Story
Beijing Cream
China Daily Show
Ministry of Tofu

In Singapore:
The Singapore Daily
Xiaxue – self-confessed mean, bitchy, sex goddess who says “wah” a lot!
Mr Browncolourful commentary from Singapore
Singapore Democrats
The Online Citizen
Icarus flew too high
Bonjour Singapore

In Burma:
National League for Democracy

In Canada:
Now Toronto

On the Ground ND Kristof
Tabloid Watch (UK)
The Diplomat – Asia Pacific

CJ Purcell
Foreign Policy
Vanity Fair
Watchdog reporting
Fleet Street Blues

Amadeus (airline schedules)
Airline meals – see it b4 you eat it!
Airliners – aviation forum, trip reports and pix archive
A Captain’s Blog – the routine of a California based 767 captain
FA Uniforms – interesting collection of the old and new
Planenation – commercial aviation news
Airchive – a web museum of commercial aviation.
CrankyFlier – mainly US commentary
AvHerald – daily log of airliner incidents
RandPeck’s blog

Rand Peck – writing and photography from a US based 757 captain
PlaneBuzz – airline financials
Sharjah – 1937
Boarding Area business travel
World Airports

Flight Wisdom
ATC – Toronto (YYZ)
Today in the sky
Ask the pilot
The Flying Scotsman – A BA pilot blog
Key Magazines – UK
Crossing the Sky
Blogging at FL250
Flight Level 390
The wings stayed on
Birmingham Airport
Aviation Queen

Flight to Success
KPAE – Paine Field Blog
UxMilk (mainly Qantas)
World Stewardess Crews
Airways magazine blog
APEX Editor’s Blog
In a Foreign Sky
Better on a Camel
Simon Blakesley Photography
Holding Pattern
Air Facts Journal

Johnny Jet
Paris photo blog
Business Traveller – Asia
Camels and Chocolate
Legal Nomads
Circle of Asia
Tales of Asia
Smart Travel Asia
The World and his TukTuk
QuiteAlone – Matthew Teller
Around the World in 80 Elephants
Mouth of the Mekong
GranTourismo Travels
Seat 61

The Guardian – UK
BBC World News
CNN Asia
Bangkok Post
Gulf News
Arabian Business
CNNfan.com scary fan site!
vox – Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists
Next Media – news animation

Bangkok info sites:
bangkok a-z

Worthy Sites:
Migrant Rights
Cricket Archive
Good experience
Heresy Corner
What Matters – McKinsey
Freedom House
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Project Apollo archive 

Golf Sites:
wei under par
The Christina Kim
Fore Seasons

Cricket sites:
Alternative Cricket Almanac
Cricket with Balls
The Old Batsman
The NightWatchman
The Full Toss
From Hyderabad to Hove

Other Sports:
Sulia.com – football

Richard Keys – football
The Blizzard

Fun Sites:
Fun signs
Urban Dictionary
Earth TV

Useful Sites:
 World Time Clock

Cooking Light 

Technology Ideas:
Loose wire
Stuff gadgets
Boing Boing
The Next Web
TNooz – Travel Tech
The Immedium Blog
The Next Web
Now and Next
The Sports Scientists

Mixed Topics


Glen Calvin Photography

The Rest:
Black Flamingo – recipes and life (no golf!)
Mixed Topics
All About Cricket

Brain Pickings
Ballpark-it.com – recipes
Bored Panda

TV and Film:
Northern Exposure
You Only Blog Twice Bond stuff

Place from my past:
Bournville Village
Redbourn – the Geoff Webb collection

Watford FC:
Watford 2 Liverpool 1 May 1983
Watford Mad (WFC)
BHappy – a Watford Blog
Watford Legends

Putajumperon – Watford FC and others

BBC Archive
National Media Museum
The British Library
Imperial War Museum
Understanding 9/11