AOB – April 2019

30 April 2019

I have to confess that not working is bad. I have little to do. Especially in this heat. This is not go out and explore weather – this is hibernate weather. 42C or 43C at its hottest with high humidity.

I did go down to Lamphun on Sunday for their League 3 North top of the table game with Phrae United. Phrea won a surprisingly good game 3-2. It was hot!

23 April 2019

Oops. Distracted.

Quit my job – actually that was back on 29 March. Almost a month has passed. Six months work for three tee shirts is not much of a return.

I will probably write more about this at a future date. I hope the company does well. There are some genuinely clever people there.

But here is the problem. Being the guy who cleans everything up is ok – putting in place contracts where there are none – documenting deals that have been done but that have not been disclosed.

But when you lose respect for the leadership it is time to go.

Meanwhile Watford did beat Wolves in a wonderfully dramatic semi final and will now play Manchester City in the FA Cup final on 18 May.

Tai had a near four week break between her first and second terms at Cordon Bleu. I thought I would be working. Silly me. So Tai went on her own to see my sister in Turkey – and they appear to have enjoyed a great time in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Izmir.

And we are just back from a weekend in Chonburi and Naklua – which included Chiang Mai’s 5-7 defeat to Chonburi FC. Great entertainment.

The Pullman G in Naklua is a bit of a dump and por in comparison to its sister hotel in Bangkok.

5 April 2019

The Guardian is getting ready for the weekend FA Cup semi finals:

Here’s Watford top dog Javi Gracia on the FA Cup semi-final, and again, not to sound like a tedious old bore, it is rather nice to hear someone talking so enthusiastically about this. Not just the FA Cup and tradition and all that whiffle, but about tangible achievement. Trophies and whatnot.

(Top man Gracia – modest and clearly highly capable. The players play for him.)

“I have never coached in a final. I have reached semi-finals in Russia (as Rubin Kazan boss) but a final I never played and it would be the best achievement in my career for sure.”

“It is something special this season because we worked really hard in pre-season and in all competitions and now we have the opportunity to enjoy with the supporters at Wembley one special game.

“It is very good for all the squad. We have 26 players who have all done well in different moments. It is a good reward for all of them, not just the 11 players who play the next game.

“It is something different for our supporters and I am happy they have the chance to enjoy going to Wembley.”

4 April 2019

Second away game of the season for me – Chiang Mai’s fifth game of the season and my third. Away at Suphan Buri – somewhere I would never have gone to if not for the football.

And we won 2-1 with goals from Eliandro and Azadzoy.

2 April 2019

Sorry there was no 1 April post! No April Fool here.