AOB – August 2018

23 August 2016

Back in Chiang Mai and suitably jet-lagged.

Seattle in the smoke and our A321 to CNX

The flight was fine – just longggggggg

As for the rest of our trip – we drove from Florence up Oregon route 101 to Lincoln City and then across the Columbia River into Illaco.

From Illaco up to Seattle – arriving at our hotel at the same time as the fire trucks that arrived to deal with a scrub fire immediately behind the hotel.

Seattle is almost hidden by smoke from wildfires in the state and north in British Columbia. If this is a sign of a future hotter planet then it is ominous.

As for Seattle – it is OK – but downtown is a little run down and has more than its share of street people – which can get somewhere between intimidating and tedious.

Still we had a nice lunch in Pike Market.

But no one should have to fly at 2.10am.

11 hours 40 minutes to Taipei – 2 hours 45mins on the ground and 3 hours 30 minutes to Chiang Mai. EVA is no better or worse than other Asian/Middle East airlines.

3-4-3 on a full 777 is cramped. The IFE is average – a limited selection. The safety video is based on interpretive dance – if you do not speak or read English or Mandarin you would be mystified.

Food ok. Blankets good. Bathrooms clean.

The crew out of Seattle were wooden…devoid of all personality. Did their jobs. Nothing more or less.

The crew into Chiang Mai was much more relaxed. Chiang Mai must be doing well as a destination. This was midweek yet the plane was 100% full.

Guess who was on a poster in a GAP outlet mall south of Seattle. Why can’t they spell favourite!?

16 August 2016

So we said goodbye to Alex on 12 August and headed for Walla Walla – then on through Pendleton to The Dalles; from there south to Bend for two nights and now we are in Florence, Oregon on the Pacific coast.

Miss the little guy – I enjoyed spending time with him. These are pictures from the Sandpoint fly-in on Saturday 11th. There was a Kodiak on the ramp and a few of the fold from Quest – Alex had made a good impression.

The drive through the Pacific North West is interesting – such diverse scenery and such a mix of prosperity and struggle.

6 August 2018

Overnight Saudi Arabia escalated a diplomatic row with Canada. The KSA expelled the Canadian ambassador while accusing Canada or meddling in the KSA’s internal affairs.

Which really is the pop calling the kettle black: let’s start with interference in Qatar, Yemen, Bahrain; mosque funding, lobbying against Qatar WC, govt sanctioned TV cloning….

But most offensive of all was a tweet of an Air Canada jet flying towards Toronto’s CN tower: subsequently deleted it was clearly deliberate, provocative and offensive.

4 August 2018

Back in Sandpoint after our trip to Glacier National Park.

A day out today in Spokane and Coeur D’Alene. Lunch by another lake, There are plenty of them!

Sandpoint sleeping arrangements!