AOB – December 2018

16 December 2018

A day out in Folkestone. Enjoyable. Sunny start to the day. Nice walk and lunch.

Took the high speed train from St Pancras which uses the Eurostar tracks – and gets to Folkestone in an hour.

14 December 2018

Arrived in London last night – it is literally freezing here.

Flights on Qatar from Chiang Mai via Doha – both on 787s. There were just 17 passengers (including the one lonely figure in Business) on the flight from Chiang Mai to Doha. Great for passengers – awful for airline economics.

Qatar really does need to do a better job marketing this flight in Northern Thailand.

As for the 787; the food is ok – the ife is average – the legroom ruined by the huge IFE boxes, the ones in the window seats are especially intrusive and mean that it is very hard to stretch your legs and the 3-3-3 seating means very narrow seats – if you are sitting next to anyone you will be filling eachother’s space. The A350 with 3-3-3 is so much more spacious. The 787 is an accountant’s airplane – the A350 is a passenger’s airplane.

4 December 2018

The new Bangkok apartment is fitted and furnished. It is cosy! Just 30 sq metres. One bedroom, bathroom and a very small living, dining and kitchen area. But there is plenty of storage; a decent bathroom, a view of the large pool, space for a washing machine.

Small but perfectly formed!

And it appears well managed by the Major company.

We took ownership on the Friday morning; then had deliveries and installation of tv, washing machine, fridge and water heater in the afternoon. Saturday was the day for wallpapering and curtain hanging. Sunday was Ikea – and Homepro – and Index Living Mall. Tuesday was deliverday day for carpets and other Ikea bits. And on Wednesday – a holiday – I rested with a migraine the size of Texas and then went back to Chiang Mai.