AOB – January 2018

16 January 2018

“A few years back people would congratulate you for joining emirates. These days they pity you, and congratulate when you resign. What a bizarre place this has become.”


12 January 2018

Oops. Alex arrived for a week on the 3rd – overlapping by one day with my sister, Vanessa, and her daughter.

It has been family time this month. Unusual for me!

Alex was in great form – I learned a lot about CRISPR. More on that another time.

We had a fun two day trip to Pai on 7/8 January. The road to get there is still hazardous.

And Alex has taken up archery – at a competitive level. Impressive.

This was the day that the US President described a number of other nations as “shitholes.” Publicly or privately, as President you do not do that.

1 January 2018

Happy New Year dear reader.

Lots of upset people watching a rather embarrassing light show at the Burj Khalifa last night. No fireworks.

And today in the UAE is VAT day – 5% – enjoy!