AOB – January 2019

27 January 2019

A current entry on PPRUNE:

“As a recent leaver at EK I can categorically state that apart from most of your colleagues on the flightdeck the place is the most toxic, vindictive, uncaring excuse of an employer you will ever have the misfortune to be indebted too.
On the one hand you have expat management minions of all sorts spending the majority of their day ar$e covering their own incompetence whilst engaging in a b@stardised version of a sociopaths wet dream e.g. inventing new and idiotic edicts that rely on threats, punishment and financial consequences for the mildest infraction, inadvertent or otherwise.
All of this is directed by those from high above who view all staff as nothing more than replaceable and expendable and whom are their possessions to use and abuse as needed.
The palpable reality of no longer being under the heel of a despotic organisation is measurable, in my case my health and happiness. Anyone at EK who says they are even remotely happy and rested are either deluded, deceitful or have come from such beacons of freedom and joy like sub Saharan Africa, Central and South America or have been on the property for less than 5 minutes.”

Says it all really. Of course this applies to most companies operating in the UAE – not just Emirates.

The airline is papering over the pilot shortage cracks with local cadets who should still be flying Cessna 172s and not a Boeing.

A 21 year old local cadet first officer who asks her captain three times where they are on a flight to Europe is both a liability and unfortunately a protected species.

16 January 2019

The shambles that is Brexit:

The vote against the UK’s PM’s Brexit plan: 432-202.

Yet the UK government will win the no-confidence vote tonight.

The so-called meaningful vote was meaningless. Nothing changed.


Parliament does not want No-Deal

But Parliament has not said what it does want – only that it does not want Mrs May’s deal.

And there are 70 days to go until 29 March – when there may by default be a no deal exit.

Alex left yesterday after five nights in Chiang. Great to spend some time with him….he has a huge year ahead of him – life changing!

We did not stay away this year – just hung out on coffee shops – a visit to my office – drives to The Clifford and Lamphun etc. Relaxed.

Very enjoyable.

3 January 2019

Welcome to a New Year. Though it does not feel so different from the old year.

We can back to Chiang Mai on the morning of 30th December. The flights from London via Doha were on Qatar Airways – on time and decent flights. Just 5hrs 20 minutes from Doha. Quick!

New Year’s Eve was spent on our roof-top. Just two of us. Nice, sensible, quiet way to see in the new year.