AOB – March 2018

15 March 2018

We flew Qatar Airways from Chiang Mai to London on Monday. Comfortable flight. Easy connection.

Two days in London. Nice to be back. Early spring colors.

7 March 2018

Naughty Emirates is telling pork pies again – all in the name of marketing:

Their press release – reprinted in the Gulf News hyped that:

“Emirates has just completed a transatlantic flight operated entirely by an all-women crew, in order to highlight that women are capable of carrying out tasks in a male-dominated field.

The special flight EK 225, operated in time for International Women’s Day, flew thousands of miles from Dubai all the way to San Francisco in the United States, and this was all made possible by the more than 75 women from more than 25 nationalities.

Dubbed the “Superwomen flight,” the world’s largest passenger plane was piloted by Canadian captain Patricia Bischoff and British first officer Rebecca Lougheed.”

An all-women crew? Trouble is it was not. SFO is a ULR flight requiring four pilots – the augmenting crew of captain and first officer were from the other sex.

I don’t mind Emirates encouraging women in aviation…as long as they pay them the same salaries as their male counterparts.

What is irritating is their dishonesty. If they took the time to plan and actually conduct a flight like this, good on them. But they are just too lazy. Instead they took enough video to manipulate what was filmed to make a normal flight appear to be something else.

Just call it a majority-women crew. It clearly was not an all-women crew.

Typical Emirates and Dubai – the gulf between what is said or promoted and what is in fact reality.

I do not miss it.

1 March 2018

Two months of 2018 gone already. The mornings are still very pleasant in Chiang Mai though by mid afternoon it is now very warm before cooling again in the night.

But it has not rained for a couple of months and some of the countryside looks tinderbox dry.

A few pictures from Tai’s birthday on Monday: