AOB – May 2017

30 May 2017

Sir Tim Clark, Emirates President, in the National newspaper – November 4 2014.

“We’ve always viewed Wi-Fi as a service and a value-added part of Emirates’ overall product, rather than a revenue stream.”

Until now.


A few days ago.

Celebrations. None. But did get Thai food in Akureyri.

26 May 2017

So, the latest rumor-fest at EK (pprune).

STC and GC to depart sooner rather than later, for reasons various

G Al G (currently FY) to take the big Job at EK – could well happen.


CM to AAR’s seat – I don’t think so. I think CM is still destined for the airline down the road. The AAR role is simply not big enough

H Al H (ex-VP Trg EK) to JA’s job. No idea who they are!

The FY guys and gals are anticipating some much closer relationship with EK. Probably.

I don’t think all these rumours are healthy. Change is clearly about to happen. It would make a lot of senses to get on with it as soon as possible and allow the new team to set direction for the rest of the year – and in advance of any announcements planned for the Paris and Dubai airshows later this year.

23 May 2017

Awful events in Manchester overnight.

So strange to be flying into the city this morning. Will write about it in the main news page.

Roger Moore died today at the age of 89. The first of the Bonds to pass away. 00Heaven? He made seven Bond films, never took himself too seriously and after his film career was an active ambassador for UNICEF. RIP.

21 May 2017

Thailand: the one place in the world where it is illegal to view images of the king going shopping.

It is getting bizarre.

20 May 2017

Hearing good things about Jeremy Bowen’s new radio series – also available as a podcast.

Our man in the Middle East

17 May 2017

Mazzarri gone at Watford. He will not be missed.

Hats off to a Dubai real estate agent this afternoon.

Him: Is that Mr Robert
Me: Yes:
Him: I am calling about your apartment in Executive Towers.
Me: How did you get my number?
Him: It is on my database
Me: How did my number get onto your database?
Him: I bought it
Me: From Dubai Properties?
Him: Yes

Which puts an end to all those pathetic denials that DP/Taziz did not sell mailing lists.


But I loved his honestly. It has taken seven years to get a Dubai real estate agent to be that honest.

Maybe things are changing. Though I doubt it!

13 May 2017

So the Director of the FBI is fired by the President of the USA.

But here is a thought from a friend on facebook:

“The very idea that the person who centered his campaign on the name “Crooked Hillary” and encouraged his followers to shout “Lock her up!” at rallies fired the head of the FBI for mishandling the email investigation is manipulative and twisted in addition to defying belief.”

12 May 2017

From – welcome to the new Middle east: short and to the point.

“It’s not just Emirates it’s the entire region and all the businesses in it. The gold old days of high oil prices, simple businesses, and a feeling of being out here on a bit of an adventure is gone.

The region is becoming ‘economically developed’ and with that comes modern societies with high costs to maintain, meaning higher fees for everything, taxes (new and increases) cities with high costs of living that squeeze people left, right and center.

The old wise Sheikhs have been replaced with young tycoons who want expansion and the latest in business thinking, meaning hiring men that will think quick and cut costs at every corner. Making money but disregarding all other ‘externalities’ (human, environmental or otherwise)….

Welcome to the new Middle East.”

Time to head back to Dubai – after a nice evening in London with Tai. Always fun to walk around on a mild evening through the west end.

10 May 2017

Still in Abingdon – here is a nice little blog that will tell you what is happening here – and has some pictures of the town and links to relevant websites.

Abingdon Blog

5 May 2017

Such a frustrating week. Getting simple things done in the Uk is fraught with bureaucracy and thwarted by people who really do not want to take responsibility or make any decision.

1 May 2017

Dubai has its own font – thanks Microsoft.

But it is not without irony – The newly-launched DubaiFont slogan is: #ExpressYou.

Maybe it would be better phrased as #ExpressYou – Carefully.

I turn 60 this month. I guess it happens to most of us! 60 year olds used to seem old. Now it feels like 60 is the age when we are just getting started – but with only a limited amount of productive, healthy and fit years ahead of ourselves.

There is a risk at this age of looking back not forward – thinking about decisions ade rather than opportunities ahead.

Have to stay healthy, sane, interested and aware.

I suspect this may be a recurring theme this month!