AOB – May 2019

22 May 2019

Another cabinet resignation in the UK: From a distance I rather enjoy watching the Tory party tear itself apart – the trouble is none of the alternatives in or out of Parliament offer anything more than a power grab; not one has either the policy or the support to make the UK look like anything other than the fractious mess that it has become.

5 May 2019

Coronation weekend in Thailand as Rama X officially becomes the nation’s new monarch.

Though you would hardly notice in Chiang Mai where celebrations appear very muted and few people are wearing yellow as officially requested.

The main coronation ceremony was yesterday. There is the award of new family titles on Sunday morning followed by a parade around the old city.

And on Monday the new King meets with the foreign diplomatic community. No overseas dignitaries or royals were invited to the coronation.

Two days before the coronation there was the official announcement of the royal wedding to now Queen Suthida; who has been his companion for the last few years, but who is now officially recognised as Queen and becomes protected by the nation’s lese majeste laws.

Local breaking news in Chiang Mai this morning: a tram carrying visitors at the Chiang Mai Night Safari flipped on its side while going downhill. There were 40 passengers on the tram and they were all injured. Busy night for the rescue foundations, police and hospitals sorting through the injuries and communication barriers.

Apparently the tram was going downhill when the brake failed. There are no seat belts in the trams.

2 May 2019

A new month. An hopefully a busy one. I need something that keeps me busy. Too many quiet days at the moment.

Have been watching some football – trouble is that ever team I go to see is losing at the moment. Lamphun lost at home to Phrae and the amateurs from Chiang Mai Dream lost 0-7 to Bangkok United.

Otherwise it is simply too hot to do anything or go anywhere.

The house at The Clifford is finished and being rented out from 1 May. So no more visits to check on progress. I wonder what it will look like in 9 and 1/2 years time when the lease arrangements end.

And then there are mother issues at home in England – and Vanessa is over there helping sort issues out alongside Tim.