AOB – November 2017

27 November 2017

Perfect: for anyone who heard the EK theme music too often.

This from the US President today on twitter:

“We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!”

And liked as I type this by almost 51,000 people…..

Just bizarre. Unpresidential. Dangerous.

There have been a number of such tweets from Trump in the last few days. This was yesterday:

“.@FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!”

CNN’s response was clinical:

“It’s not CNN’s job to represent the U.S to the world. That’s yours. Our job is to report the news. #FactsFirst ‘

17 November 2017

With apologies to my faithful reader I have been a bit distracted for the last two weeks and have not paid any attention to updating my notes here.

So a random collection of thoughts from the last two weeks:

Thailand’s public hospitals are badly under-funded, under-staffed and over-crowded. Hospitals rely upon family and friends to provide the major part of the daily care support. Cockroaches on the ward floor are not a good impression.

But the staff that are there do care and do a remarkable job in the most difficult of situations.

At the other extreme private hospitals targeting medical tourism are money-making machines with hotel like facilities.

And yes I have been to both in the last two weeks.

First Dubai Airshow that I have not attended since 2007.

You can read about the EK/FZ orders elsewhere.

Saldy no participation from Qatar who remain blocked from UAE airspace.


4 November saw the night of the long knives in Saudi Arabia – where the Crown Prince used corruption allegations to detain assorted princelings and tycoons. Other measures such as tightening state control of the media should send alarm bells to the country’s allies.

However MBS has significant domestic support.

The anti-Iran rhetoric has been ratcheted up a level and we are closer than ever to a Middles East war that would engulf the region and draw in the UK and USA (at a minimum.) This is not good news.

Thanks NokAir for the two emergency exits seats on my flights to and from DMK last week. The extra legroom was welcome.

Tai’s sister was in hospital three times in the last three weeks – but there is little the hospital can do for her other than rehydrate her and tell her to eat. The problems are no as much in her head as they are physical. We may have years of dealing with this ahead of us.

NorthHill golf club gets harder and easier. It really is a course where the short game determines the score. Just keep the ball in play off the tee. The driver only comes out on the fifth. On at least four of the par 4s a 5 iron is enough.

The only things that like me in Samut Songkhram are the mosquitos.

The Mercure on Soi 11 is a decent hotel – if you get the right price. The restaurant there is a sort of French bistro called Alex.

3 November 2017

England 2018:
Back three-trippier,stones,rose

Looks ok (on paper!)

2 November 2017

From twitter earlier today – homesick!

1 November 2017

Golf at North Hill this afternoon. Lovely sunny day. Not too hot or humid. my golf is dismal.

It is a thinking course – not long – I used the driver on just one hole. It is a course where you need the right club and to put the ball in the right place. Or the water will get you!

Tai still with her family in Samut Songkhram. Worrying developments with her sister.