AOB – November 2018

23 November 2018

Work appears to be getting in the way of updating the website!

Sukhothai is a long drive.

Even in November Sukhothai is hot and very humid

At Loy Krathong and for its sound and light festival it is a nice place to visit.

15 November 2018

UK politics appears to be in turmoil. You can read about it elsewhere. Brexit was always a poor choice for Britain. It was sold on a false prospectus. the 2016 remain campaign was non-existent. But there was a vote. People said leave the EU.

And the UK PM has been trying to find a deal that is the best compromise that she could get from all sides – and the trouble with that is that no one likes the deal that she has agreed with the EU.

Utter mess.

13 November 2018

A Thai 13-yo boy boxer died following a knock-out defeat. He’s been boxing since 8, a boxing ring veteran with 160 matches. His uncle and mother say they are ”proud” he died “with dignity” of an athlete.

He was 13. He should be at school. Instead he was the family’s source of income. This is so wrong. Child boxing is widespread in Thailand. It is not right.

The Thai media praised the boy as a model childboxer who “gives his life” fighting for prize money to support his family. No question about his courage and sacrifice, but aren’t we supposed to protect children?


7 November 2018

“When words stop meaning anything, when people can just make stuff up and there’s no consequences, democracy can’t work. The only guardian of truth is you. You and your vote.” — Barack Obama, 2 November 2018

The US midterms are today. Big day for the Trump administration – which will either be mortally damaged or emboldened by the results.

Out in 41 today at North Hill with 4 pars, 1 birdie, 2 bogeys and 2 doubles. Then on the 10th the wheels came off. Such a frustrating game.

Why do pro-golfers never appear to sweat?