AOB – July 2016

31 July 2016

Tai is in Oslo. Nice weather. Brings back nice memories of our trip there two years ago.

25 July 2016

Emirates August rosters are out after some delay:

And the pressure on the pilots seems to be increasing: Here are seven consecutive comments from this morning. I know how tired some of these guys are.

over 100hrs again. they could have just kept it.

103 hours! Who can beat that? Must be someone…

105 Unbelievable.

107:50 hours …STICK time …. Door is there ..I found it ! 9 days off spread with max 2 in a row ….

102 hours. ALL STICK TIME! 10 trips. 6 turns including long (4+ hour) sectors, combined rest days and a bonus war zone! (Country we are not allowed to overfly!) 4 Long Haul flights, most 9+ hours. Switch between East and West with a single day off in between! All East flights involve pick up from residence between 11pm and 1am in the morning. 31 day month. 10 days off. 4 single days off and no more than 2 days off in a row. Where I have two days off my following pick up is before 6am in the morning! Paradise!

85 hours in 16 days….5 days OFF. No comments………brutal, unsafe.!

104.5 hrs aswell… Do these people really want to a smoking hole in the ground? BRUTALLY UNSAFE!!!!!

24 July 2016

This from one of EK’s more reasonable commentators on PPRUNE: sad how a business where people could be proud to be employed has deteriorated so quickly.

“How one fleet can get a roster yet another can’t demonstrates what a mess we’re in. It isn’t going to get any better soon either. Command courses now delayed while they train more trainers to train the people that need LIFUS. (Line Training under supervision – ed). Shortage of crew will continue until trainer numbers are correct.

Do we actually have a planning department and if so, what EXACTLY do they do? Are these muppets held accountable for their errors or are they busy enjoying another summer holiday while we pick up the pieces with continuous 100 hour months. For Pete’s sake, it’s not as if we didn’t know these bloody planes were coming. Somebody, somewhere, really needs to get a handle on this nonsense because it’s getting ridiculous.

Still, at least this weeks SAFA tells us that we’re the best in the World. That’s okay then! You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried!”

21 July 2016

Back in Dubai after almost two weeks away. And had a decent night’s sleep last night – that helps!

We started in Samui. A nice three bedroom villa on the north coast with our friends Colin and Oil. They left on the 13th and we had a day in Chaweng, before taking the long way back to Bangkok – minibus, ferry, coach, airplane and taxi.

Bangkok Airways and Thai were both too full to try and travel standby. So we took the Nok Air option via Nakthon Si Thammarat – which actually works just fine. You just have to be patient.

A few nights in Bangkok – where we did little. The two hours of snacks and drinks in the executive lounge was our dinner. Tai caught up with friends and family before leaving for Dubai on 17th and a GLA flight on 18th. I went up to HKG on 18th for two nights. A nice long lunch with Alex in Stanley.

Hong Kong was steaming hot/humid.

This from the German media today:

Kann sich der Thai-Prinz kein Hemd mehr leisten?

I guess if it your airplane you can wear whatever you like – but this does lokk more Khaosan Road than private jet!

Here is an EK flight – from 18 July – that you do not see everyday: Emirates Boeing 777-21HLR A6-EWE positioned Dubai – Al Ain as EK2345 this morning in order to operate an Al Ain – Malaga charter as EK2515.

20 July 2016

Sorry – got distracted by vacation and there is so much happening in the world right now – little of it good – that it is hard to know where to start writing!

Heading back to Dubai in a few hours and will update the site when I get home.

7 July 2016

So Britain will have a female prime minister by the autumn. Conservative MPs chose two women – Theresa May, the home secretary, and Andrea Leadsom, the pro-Brexit junior energy minister – to put forward to party activists in the contest to replace David Cameron.

No Boris Johnson; knifed by Gove. No Gove; knifed by everyone who saw him knife BoJo.

May; in the Thatcher mold. Too long as Home Secretary. Little European or World experience. Thinks we can bore the EU to death with a prolonged negotiation. The ultimate fence-sitter – allegedly pro-Europe but went awol on the remain campaign.

Leadsom, pro-Brexit but inexperienced is being backed by Johnson.

The vote now goes to Conservative Party activists. It will be close. The result is due to be declared on 9 September.

5 July 2016

This online on Emirates overworked pilot trainers: I have heard similar stories anecdotally. I have also heard just how good some of the trainers are. But this is a highly specialised role – and is not just about flying the airplane but about all the human factors and CRM; skills that can really only be built up with years of experience, observation and learning.

“Sat through a training “standards” meeting recently. One “compromise” after the next presented to the meeting. We’ve moved from a department focused on “industry best practise” to now doing whatever is needed to complete the task.

Now we have turbo prop pilots being trained by out source trainers overseas who may have never operated with EK procedures, or perhaps ground instructors in Dubai who’ve never flown jets, then they’re trained in the aircraft by new trainers who’ve never instructed on jets and potentially only had six months command themselves. The managers are swamped just trying to keep up with all the changes, so they struggle to monitor the progress of trainees. Every trainer is doing 90-110 hours, far more training duties than ever before. (now running at 14-16 per month). Everyone is completely knackered.

Trainees are being rushed through courses, and it’s quite clear more “compromises” are being applied when it comes to pass standards.

Doesn’t take a great deal of intelligence to figure that risks are at an all time high.”

3 July 2016

So I missed wishing you a Happy Canada Day a couple of days ago – hope it was a good one -eh.

Iceland are out of the Euros – losing 2-5 to France in the Quarter Finals. But they have been great fun to watch and wonderfully supported.

And they did beat a hapless England in the last 16. England were just awful.

The Brexit – don’t get me started – the lack of planning and leadership is pitiful. Read more on the main pages of this web site.