AOB – March 2016

30 March 2016

Commencing on 1 October 2016, Emirates will start a fourth daily service between Dubai and London’s Gatwick Airport. The airline also operates six daily flights to Heathrow.

The new Dubai-Gatwick service will be operated using a Boeing 777-300ER.

The new flight, EK023, will depart Dubai daily at 0950, arriving at Gatwick Airport at 1430. The return flight, EK024, will leave London at 1650 and arrive back in Dubai at 0240 the next day. Emirates said these times would enable “seamless connectivity” to several destinations in the Far East.

Well not really – the 02.40 arrival is too late for the 3am departure bank to Asia so the realistic connections are the post 8.00am flights. The EK24/25 timings basically match the EK29/30 timings into LHR.

Emirates sixth daily LHR flight started on 27 March – with Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENX operating the inaugural EK31/EK32 rotation.

Welcome to junta-led Thailand:

Soldiers from the rank of sub-lieutenant up have been given police powers to summon, arrest and detain suspects by an order under Section 44 of the interim charter issued on Tuesday.

They are also authorised to conduct searches, seize assets, suspend financial transactions and ban suspects from travelling.

Soldiers can search any property they believe is linked to suspects or their assets. The searches can be conducted on individuals and vehicles.

Not good. The army has taken over policing responsibilities and this will simply reinforce the military run state.

8 – 21 March 2016

Sorry that I have been quiet. I have been back in Florida for some more flight training.

In 9 days of flying:

I flew 5 different airplanes. Cessna162/Cessna 172 (2 x Garmin 1000 and a 172 round gauge)/Piper Arrow.
I flew to 10 different airports (4 of which were new to me) – with 20 landings…some better than others!
I flew refresher flights on the 162.
I checked out on both models of the 172.
I flew the Arrow under an IFR flightplan to North Perry/Hollywood.
I flew four ILS approaches – two were down to minimums on Runway 14 where we flew two missed approaches at Sarasota. (That one flight will live long in the memory).
I had my first minor emergency – losing a main gear tire after landing at KCHN – lots of right rudder to stay on the runway.
I have both actual and simulated instrument time in my log book and some more night time.
And best of all I flew for the first time with Alex. His love of flying and of pretty well anything connected to an airplane) is infectious.

The important part is that I left a better pilot than when I arrived.

Next – some serious studying to finish up my ground school. Then find the time to complete my instrument rating.

If you want to read more – here is the long version

And a few scenery pictures:

20160318_123158 DSCF6360 20160316_141135 20160316_141110 20160316_135435 20160314_131803 20160314_192814 20160314_112322

4 March 2016

Emirates has announced that their Dubai – Panama City Boeing 777-200LR service, initially intended to commence on 1st February and subsequently delayed until 31st March, will not now be going ahead.

Or may be sometime in 2017.

“The decision was made after an extensive review of all operational factors, including fleet utilization and commercial demand from key markets against the global economic outlook,” Emirates said in its statement.

Emirates stressed the delay would be only that – and not a cancellation of the route.

Honestly – never seemed like a good idea – at least not now.

3 March 2016

Back from three nights in Thailand – nice to getaway and sit by a beach.