AOB – September 2018

30 September 2018

Not sure where the week went.

ChiangMai Fc were promoted to the Thai first division last night with a 2-2 draw at Khon Kaen. Huge congratulations to everyone involved with the club.

Watford lost at a very fortunate Arsenal. Have to make the chances count otherwise it is just a case of so near…

And the Ryder Cup is underway in Paris. Last day today. The crowds are boorish – and huge. But is it really necessary to boo the Americans and to cheer their mistakes. It all feels rather against the spirit of golf.

For the record the Europeans won 17 and 1/2 to 10 and 1/2. The Americans not winning any session after the fourballs on the first morning.

21 September 2018

I want to write my own biography – no one will read it – just something for Alex and Tai so that there can always be a few memories.

Maybe one day I will get started.

17 September 2018

Tai is away with family. I am trying to keep busy. Not always successfully.

Solo at the football last night as Chiang Mai FC beat Thai Honda 2-0.

Two huge final games to end the season and determine which 3 of the top 4 teams are promoted to the Thai premiership.

11 September 2018

Wonderful scenes over the last two days at the Oval. England won the 5th test to take the series 4-1 against India. The Indian side was far better than that scoreline suggests.

But two huge milestones for English players.

Alastair Cook played his last test for England retiring at the tender age of 33. And of course he scored 71 in the first innings and 47 in his final innings. Such determination and concentration. A genuinely nice guy. A genuinely talented guy. A genuinely articulate guy. An ambassador for the game until the end.

From the Guardian’s OBO:

The Man of the Match is Alastair Cook

“It’s been the most amazing week. I got a text from Beefy last night and he said, ‘Can I have my scriptwriter back?’ It was a great match as well. The shared moments in the dressing-room will stay with me, both good and bad. I feel very privileged to have worn the England cap as long as I have.

“The reception to the hundred was amazing, and to see Jimmy pass Glenn McGrath’s record today was just brilliant. Him and Broady I’ve played so much cricket with, and the hardest bit is knowing I’ll never stand at first slip and drop another catch off those two again.

“Jimmy and I have lived in each others pockets for the last 12 years, and it’s a privilege to play with who I think is England’s greatest cricketer. His skill to do it time and again… he never misses his length. You take it for granted and it shouldn’t be like that.

“I won’t miss the amount of hard work which goes into international cricket, the pressure and the strain you play under, but I will miss all the rewards that you get for that hard work.

[Any chance of coming out of retirement] No! This week can’t be beaten. I can walk away with my head held high and I’ve always wanted to do that.”

And James Anderson has taken 564 Test wickets – more than any quick bowler in the history of Test cricket – and he did so by taking the final wicket of the test match.

It is 17 years since I was in the morning sky over Kissimmee as civilian airliners were hijacked and flown into US landmarks. Awful day. Brings back many memories.

9 September 2018

Happy to report that no one has burned down the house yet – though my neighbour’s facebook page is still her outlet for a good anti-foreigner rant.

One of my friends checked her facebook page and said that she sounds like a gangster and part of a motorbike gang…

And our developer and property manager………does nothing.

6 September 2018

It is not every day a neighbour threatens to smash my head in with a hammer – not to my face but in a facebook rant!

So good job we have screen captures as evidence.

Let’s see – in one year we have i) put up with the endless procession on traffic and motorbikes that arrive to collect or deposit product from a house that is used as a warehouse, ii) listened to their dogs howling through the night – the dogs are left outdoors at night even when the owners are away; had their visitors park in front of and block our drive; listened to the roar of motorbike engines that are started up and then left running – many minutes passing before someone might drive off on them; watched their motobike drivers start up and drive off as though are in a grand prix – there are children on the estate – the developer has after some encouragement installed a number of speed bumps.

So as another bike engine ran yesterday with no sign of anyone thinking of riding it I walked to their gate and suggested, quite nicely, that they turn off the engine.

The woman who wrote this is the mother of the owner.

Late in the evening there were a group of guys outside the house. Tai could hear them talking. They sounded like they had been drinking. They talked about burning down the house. It is pretty clear that they meant ours.

Tai does not want this escalated. I would call in the police. We have advised the development manager and asked that their security is vigilant.

But I do not want to leave the house visibly unoccupied especially overnight..I do not want to return home to a burned property.

The translation of the above is not good – it is clearly quite unpleasant judging from Tai’s reaction this morning.

Some people need to understand that living in a community gives you a responsibility to that community. Thai logic is too often it is our house we can do anything that we like.

4 September 2018

At Huay Tueng Thao, there are now two King Kong!

The first was original – the second could have been something different.

Goodbye Asia Atlantic Airways – as this bizarrely named Thai airline goes into liquidation. It was only operating one airplane. As always you have to feel sorry for the crew as their dream of flying comes to a, hopefully temporary, roadblock.

And the uniforms were cute!

Working the rice fields behind our house….

Oddly – it looks like the guy in the rice fields is wearing Asia Atlantic colours!

3 September 2018

Email from the Chief Pilot Airbus at Emirates to the pilot group – “I am requesting that you give a deeper thought in improving our effeminacy” (sic)

A classic case of read and re-read before your hit send!

Source PPRUNE.