Tiger Tales – Chiang Mai FC 2020/2021

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The 2020/21 season sees Chiang Mai FC playing in the Thai M150 Championship after relegation from League 1. We also have new owners after control of the club passed from Chiang Rai United to Bangkok Glass Pathum United. A team that is once again dominated by loan players, and even a loan manager.

To add a little spice to the season Chiang Mai United (JL Chiang Mai United before the change of name) is in the same league and has recruited among others Carlos Pareira as manager and Evson Patricio, last year’s player of the season for Chiang Mai.

So here is my preview of the new season:

Thai Championship preview 2020

And here is an early commentary on pre-season preparations.

New owners, new season, but so far little to cheer – Chiang Mai FC

Results and reports follow.

16 February 2020  Away  Tigers Draw on Opening Day
Samut Sakhon 2 Chiang Mai FC 2 (Nattachai, Verdini)

23 February 2020 Away Toothless Tigers
Nakhon Pathum 2 Chiang Mai FC 0

26 February 2020 Home The Tigers Roar Back
Chiang Mai FC 5 Kasetsart FC 0 (Ryo 2, Sadney, Nattaphoom, Nattawut)

29 February 2020 Home Supersub sinks Cobo’s resilient Cobras
Chiang Mai FC 1 Khon Kaen United 0 (Nattaphoom)

And then just like that the 2020 season came to a grinding halt after just four games as the Covid-19 pandemic put an end to sport. and pretty much anything else that we used to consider as fun, around the world.

Two months of hardly ever leaving home start to take their toll after a while.

So when Dale from the It’s a Habit That Sticks blog asked me to write something about Chiang Mai’s football stadia I was more than happy to engage the brain for a few hours!

Homeless in Chiang Mai

And what is now the 2020/2021 season restarts:

12 September 2020 Away Saturday Night Fiver
Ayutthaya United 3 Chiang Mai FC 2

16 September 2020 Home

19 September 2020 Away

27 September 2020 Home

3 October 2020 Away
Thai League official dates:

So here is the summary of the start and end dates for the next two seasons:

Thai league 1 will start the match on 12 September and close the season 3 April 2021

Thai league 2 will start the match on 12 September. Season closes on 27 March 2021. The playoff will be played on 3-6 April 2021.

FA Cup kicks off September 30 and final is on April 10, 2021

The Toyota league cup will not be played this season.

For 2021/2022 Thai league 1 will start back to compete on 12 September 2021 and finish on 15 May 2022

Thai league 2 will start on 12 September 2021 and finish on 25 April 2022 (Playoff round 2-23 May 2022)

First round of FA Cup Football will compete on 30 September 2021 The final is on 22 May 2022

The Toyota League Cup will start second round 21 October 2021 Final 1 May 2022.