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Some Useful links:
World Time Clock
Exchange Rates


Project Syndicate
Amnesty International
Reporters w/o borders

The Guardian
BBC World News
CNN Asia
Bangkok Post

Daylife.com - news

Gulf News
Arabian Business
World News
WSJ - Asia
Good causes:

Sister Joan - Bangkok

Regional Info:

BKK Magazine
HK Magazine
In Singapore Magazine
TimeOut Dubai
Back in the UK:
Newton Ferrers

Bournville News
And for fun:

BBC Archive

National Media Museum
The British Library
Imperial War Museum

There are many other links on my AOB blog page.

An Occasional Blog


Moving on! Sort of.

For fourteen years this page has been a diary of personal events, thoughts reflection and of note on other things that have interested me.

It is time to move it away into a new format. But I do not want to lose the history that has been archived here so the notes and links will remain - as will this page as from where if you look around you can access my diary!

Here is the most recent list of links that I have followed out of interest, inspiration, curiosity or in such of information.

Dubai based Airline bloggers:

Style High Club
The Trolley Dolly
Life,as I know it (now Edmonton!)
Bjorn Moerman
James Nixon

Jens Krüger


Thailand Blogs:

Bangkok Noir

Bangkok Pundit - politics

Thai-blogs.com - rather serious

2bangkok.com - not really a blog but always up to date on Bangkok news
Thailand Voice promoting blogs from Thailand
Thailand Golf

Thai-blogs -Thailand life and culture
trythaifood - thai recipes
CityLife Chiang Mai

Thailand Crisis not updated but important in understanding 2006-2009.
Absolutely Bangkok
Bangkok Bugle

Thai Girl The exotic adventures of a literary sexagenarian.
Thailand Jumped the Shark

Thai Films
Siam Report
Thai ENews - In Thai
Prachatai - Thai news in English
New Mandala - new perspectives on SE Asia
NewsInBangkok - another news blog
Thailand Intelligent News - interesting opinion and  links
Political Prisoners in Thailand
Hua Hin Golf
Philip Golingai (mainly Malaysia)
Musings from Thailand
Women learning Thai
Ricefield Radio
Reporter in Exile
Robert Amsterdam - Thailand
Somtow's world
Dirtii laundry
Thai Cables
Siam Voices


Tasty Thailand
Siam Intelligence Unit
Mouth of the Mekong
Carabao in english
Andy Hall - migration and human rights

Asia Blogs:

Banyan - The Economist

Asia Unbound - CFR
Zen Journalist
The Marmot's Hole - Korea
The writings of MD Nalapat
Democratic Voice of Burma
Ideas for India


Dubai Blogs:

Mainly Photos; mainly from Dubai - Gerald Donovan at work!

dxbae - picture blog - also Gerald Donovan
UAE Community Blog - uniting all UAE bloggers
Dubai informer - news and events.
The Grapeshisha Blog - commentary  on a changing Dubai
One Big Construction Site - a long term expat on life in Dubai
Secret Dubai Diary - rather disillusioned expat commentary - sadly seems to have died - but again worth keeping for some interesting recent history.
Dubai As It Used To be - self explanatory - fascinating!
Kippreport - news and commentary
Life In Dubai - moved to Oz

Fake Plastic Souks
Dubai Astronomy Group

Gulf Photo Plus

Dubai Media Observer

The Gulf Blog
Dubai Construction Update

Dubai Race Night
Burj Khalifa

Grumpy Goat
Ever changing lanes
Spontaneous Euphoria
Christopher Saul - Dubai Blog

The Hedonista
Dubai as it used to be
Al Serkel Avenue

Arabic affairs blogs

The Arabist
Felix Arabia
The Culturist
Pan Arabian Enquirer

Doha News
Al Monitor
The Gulf Blog
The New Arab


Hong Kong Blogs

Digital Life
- A Hong Kong picture blog - interesting pics
A Big White Guy in Hong Kong - self explanatory
Ordinary Gweilo
Hemlock's Diary. And people think I am opinionated - try this!

EastSouthWestNorth - commentary
Glutter.org - Greater China democracy news and many great links
Hong Kong Hustle
Hong Kong Paintings

Hong Kong Outdoors
Hong Kong and Macau Stuff
Hong Wrong
Hong Kong Free Press

In China:

Danwei - media and advertising news from China

The China Beat - how the east is read.

Hong Kong Cinemagic
Shanghai Scrap
The Paper Tiger
Peking Duck
China Law Blog
China Rises
China Media Project
China in Africa: The Real Story

Beijing Cream
China Daily Show
Ministry of Tofu

In Singapore:

The Singapore Daily

Xiaxue - self-confessed mean, bitchy, sex goddess who says "wah" a lot!

Mr Brown - colourful commentary from Singapore
Singapore Democrats
The Online Citizen
Icarus flew too high
Bonjour Singapore


In Burma:

National League for Democracy


In Canada:

Now Toronto



On the Ground ND Kristof

Tabloid Watch (UK)
The Diplomat - Asia Pacific

CJ Purcell
Foreign Policy
Vanity Fair
Watchdog reporting
Fleet Street Blues







Amadeus (airline schedules)

Airline meals - see it b4 you eat it!

Airliners - aviation forum, trip reports and pix archive
A Captain's Blog - the routine of a California based 767 captain
FA Uniforms - interesting collection of the old and new

Planenation - commercial aviation news

Airchive - a web museum of commercial aviation.

CrankyFlier - mainly US commentary
AvHerald - daily log of airliner incidents
RandPeck's blog

Rand Peck - writing and photography from a US based 757 captain
PlaneBuzz - airline financials

Sharjah - 1937
Boarding Area business travel
World Airports

Flight Wisdom
ATC - Toronto (YYZ)
Today in the sky
Ask the pilot
The Flying Scotsman - A BA pilot blog
Key Magazines - UK
Crossing the Sky
Blogging at FL250
Flight Level 390
The wings stayed on
Birmingham Airport
Aviation Queen

Flight to Success

KPAE - Paine Field Blog
UxMilk (mainly Qantas)
World Stewardess Crews
Airways magazine blog
APEX Editor's Blog
In a Foreign Sky
Better on a Camel
Simon Blakesley Photography
Holding Pattern


Johnny Jet
Paris photo blog
Business Traveller - Asia
Camels and Chocolate
Legal Nomads
Circle of Asia
Tales of Asia
Smart Travel Asia
The World and his TukTuk
QuiteAlone - Matthew Teller
Around the World in 80 Elephants
Mouth of the Mekong
GranTourismo Travels
Seat 61



The Guardian - UK

BBC World News

CNN Asia

Bangkok Post
Gulf News

Arabian Business
CNNfan.com scary fan site!
vox - Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists
Next Media - news animation


Bangkok info sites:





bangkok a-z

Worthy Sites:

Niall Ferguson

Rconversation - from Rebecca MacKinnon, ex-TV reporter-turned-blogger.
RGE Monitor - macro-economic analysis
Migrant Rights

Cricket Archive
Good experience
Heresy Corner

What Matters - McKinsey
Freedom House
Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
Project Apollo archive


Golf Sites:

wei under par

The Christina Kim


Cricket sites:

Alternative Cricket Almanac
Cricket with Balls
The Old Batsman
The NightWatchman
The Full Toss


Other Sports:

Sulia.com - football

Richard Keys - football


Fun Sites:

Fun signs
Urban Dictionary
Earth TV

Useful Sites:

World Time Clock



Cooking Light


Technology Ideas:

Loose wire

Stuff - gadgets

Boing Boing
The Next Web

TNooz - Travel Tech
The Immedium Blog

The Next Web
Now and Next
The Sports Scientists

Mixed Topics




Glen Calvin Photography


The Rest:


Black Flamingo - recipes and life (no golf!)
Mixed Topics
All About Cricket

Brain Pickings
Ballpark-it.com - recipes
Bored Panda



Northern Exposure


Place from my past:

Bournville Village

Redbourn - the Geoff Webb collection


Watford FC:

Watford 2 Liverpool 1 May 1983
Watford Mad (WFC)
BHappy - a Watford Blog
Watford Legends

Putajumperon - Watford FC and others




Robert Scott lives and works in Dubai; born in England I have since lived in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok.

I am very happily married to Tai.


If you want to know more you only need to ask! ask.