Worthwhile reading from other sites – 2021

As we end 2020 there is some positive news as we start the new year. Trump will be gone. Joe Biden becomes President of the USA on 20 January. There are vaccines out there that work.

There are conscious social movements that can make a difference – from essential workers organising for health and safety and better pay, to the growing international movements for Climate Justice, Black Lives Matter, and the People’s Vaccine.

In Thailand young people are now making themselves heard – demanding a more equitable society and debating previously taboo subjects.

So at least at the start of the year let us all work for something better than the misery that was 2020.

May 2021

Grim Image of India Prompts Debate Over China’s Swaggering Propaganda NYT

The rich sin and the poor die Thai Enquirer

‘This Is a Catastrophe.’ In India, Illness Is Everywhere. NYT

Delegation of Powers to Thai PM Raises Concern of Authoritarian Turn Voice of America

Tony Blair, dread creature of the forbidden swamp Sam Kriss – from 2014 but memorable!

PSG vs Manchester City: How Gulf-owned teams diverged on football’s future Middle East Eye

Manchester United fans’ direct action is an expression of powerlessness Guardian

Fifty years after Apollo, space is about to transform our life on Earth beyond recognition Guardian

Biden and Xi talk of a clash of civilisations. But the real shared goal is dominance Guardian

April 2021

Phuket Was Poised for Tourism Comeback. A Covid Surge Dashed Those Hopes. NYT

Power grab in a pandemic: how absence of fans gave greedy owners their chance Guardian

England’s big six have backed down but Super League fight isn’t over Guardian

“Every Journalist’s Worst Nightmare”: CNN’s Myanmar Misadventure New Naratif

We can mourn Prince Philip, but not the monarchy Guardian

Critical condition – Covid in Canada CBC

Only someone who truly hates football can be behind a European super league Guardian

Myanmar on the Brink of State Failure International Crisis Group

My unusual week with Myanmar’s violent, paranoid military junta SouthEast Asia Globe

March 2021

How to deal with China Economist

Abuse of power: football’s culturally accepted contempt for its own referees Guardian

Why can’t Britain handle the truth about Winston Churchill? Guardian

The clown king: how Boris Johnson made it by playing the fool Guardian

What is journalism for? The short answer: truth Guardian

Japan’s 2011 tsunami, then and now – in pictures Guardian

February 2021


Why I stopped writing about Chinese Football Wild East football

How Covid-19 could limit travel for years beyond the crisis New Statesman

It’s landing day on Mars! NASA’s Perseverance rover will touch down on the Red Planet today Space.com

Nine months in the long limbo of long covid Dr. Ed Rooksby. RIP

The Man Who Captured The Hand Of God Has Been Erased From History Defector

‘A very dangerous epoch’: historians try to make sense of Covid Guardian

Aung San Suu Kyi overlooked Myanmar’s deepest problems Open Democracy

Life savers: the amazing story of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine Observer

For crime writers, Bangkok’s red-light districts and sordid underbelly are gold – no wonder so many fictional detectives pound its streets and back alleys SCMP

Joe Biden’s Challenge Was Barack Obama’s Victory The Atlantic

Viral Woman Who Danced Through Myanmar Coup Tells Us What Happened Vice

Myanmar: Inside the coup that toppled Aung San Suu Kyi’s government Nikkei Asia

January 2021

Fall by John Preston review – the truth about Robert Maxwell Guardian

Covid-19: Five days that shaped the outbreak BBC

Thai opposition figure says government seeks to silence him on vaccine Reuters

DES files complaints against Thanatorn over vaccination programme scrutiny Prachatai

Navalny Is All-In on Bringing Down Putinism Foreign Policy

The strange case of Alibaba’s Jack Ma and his three-month vanishing act Observer

Joe Biden’s inner circle: meet the new president’s close-knit team Guardian

The abandoned and hidden Kent railway stations which have long been forgotten about Kent Live

Off the rails: Behind Trump’s post-election meltdown Axios

‘An unmitigated disaster’: America’s year of Covid Guardian

Dubai, Pandemic Party Haven, Faces Its Biggest Surge Bloomberg

Covid-19: ‘Don’t end up like us, please’ BBC News

Human Rights Watch – World Report 2021 HRW

Anyone shocked by the US Capitol attack has ignored an awful lot of warning signs Guardian

2021 storming of the United States Capitol Wikipedia

Insurrection Day: when white supremacist terror came to the US Capitol Guardian

Swarms of Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol Reuters

Inside the Capitol siege: How barricaded lawmakers and aides sounded urgent pleas for help as police lost control Washington Post

How one of America’s ugliest days unraveled inside and outside the Capitol Washington Post

2020 was the year of inequality: can we turn it around in 2021? Thomson Reuters Foundation

Finding Euphoria in Bangkok’s Food Scene NYT