Tiger Tales – Chiang Mai FC 2019

Final League Standings 2019

Match Reports and Commentary 

The sour taste of success Chiang Mai FC 1 Buriram United 1

One for the road – CMFC away days in 2019

Too little too late – but it was glorious PTT Rayong 2 Chiang Mai FC 3

No tournament and no renovations – the 700th anniversary farce

Waving the White Flag – Chiang Mai FC 0 Port FC 2

Rock Bottom – PT Prachuap 2 Chiang Mai FC 0

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – Chiang Mai FC 0 Suphan Buri FC 1

What was Trat? – Chiang Mai FC 1 Trat FC 3

Chainat 2 Chiang Mai FC 2 (two goals from Caique – no match report due to date change.)

Going down with a samba – Chiang Mai FC 1 Chiang Rai 2

Rollered Over – Ratchaburi 4 Chiang Mai FC 1

Opportunity Lost – Chiang Mai 1 SCG Muangthong United 1

Icing on the Caique – Sukhothai 1 Chiang Mai FC 2

Soft defending costs Chiang Mai revival – Chiang Mai FC 2 Samut Prakarn 2

Half way through the season – here is my mid term report

Played 15. Won 3. Drawn 3. Lost 9. For 18. Against 35. Points 12. position 15/16.
Games attended: 9 – four home games and five away.

The Buriram Blues – Buriram 4 Chiang Mai FC 0

Hey ho, hey ho it’s to Chiang Rai we go – with the closing of the 700th Anniversary stadium for renovations Chiang Mai FC home games from July until the end of the season are expected to be played in Chiang Rai.

Distracted Chiang Mai rolled over by Rayong – Chiang Mai FC 0 Rayong 2

Brave is not enough – Port FC 3 Chiang Mai FC 1

Led by a warhorse – Chiang Mai FC 1 Prachuap 0

A point gained or two points lost? – Chiang Mai FC 2 Chainat 2

Seven-Five. A classic or a horror show? – Chonburi 7 Chiang Mai FC 5

A Chonburi FC Q&A Questions from Screaming From Beneath The Waves – The Independent English language website for Chonburi FC

Football with your hands tied – Chiang Mai FC 0 Chiang Rai United 1

For some reason I did not write up the away win at Suphan Buri. Which was a fun trip to an attractive stadium with more than its fair share of welcoming people. All I noted at the time was “Second away game of the season for me – Chiang Mai’s fifth game of the season and my third. Away at Suphan Buri – somewhere I would never have gone to if not for the football.

And we won 2-1 with goals from Eliandro and Azadzoy.”

Professionals v Amateurs – welcome to Thailand’s League One. – SCG MuangThong 2 Chiang Mai FC 0

A couple of links from the 2018 season – and the heady days of promotion

That promotion feeling
Chiang Mai – the not quite football crazy city


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