Tiger Tales in the Championship 2021/2022

A new season. A new squad with a large number of Bangkok Glass youth players. Covid still playing chaos with fixtures.

This is the Chiang Mai FC squad for the start of the 2021/2022 season.

Remaining from 2020/2021:

Jaturong, Apisit, Chutipan, Meedech, Sumeth, Amornthep, Somyot, Suchanon, Narupon, Porncha, Pinyo.

New arrivals:

Filipovic, Danilo, Sugishita, Pongrawit, Tawan, Chaiyapreuk, Supachok, Mustakim, Phommin, Supasak, Saharat, Kabaev, Watcharin, Fahas.

Anything can happen in the next eight months.

So here is my season preview: Predicting the hopelessly unpredictable

And match reports:

2 October 2021 Sukhothai FC 4 Chiang Mai FC 1 A Sow Show in Sukhothai

26 September 2021 Chiang Mai FC 2 Customs Ladkrabang 1 Kevin’s late Customs Raid

19 September 2021 Khon Kaen FC 1 Chiang Mai FC 1 Paying the Penalty

15 September 2021 Kasetsart FC 0 Chiang Mai FC 0 That’s not entertainment

12 September 2021 Rajpracha FC 0 Chiang Mai FC 3 You win again

4 September 2021 CMFC 2 Rayong FC 1 Nine man Tigers win opening day thriller