Worthwhile reading from other sites – 2022

Another year. And the beginning of the third year of living with the blight of Covid which still dominates daily news stories.

April 2022

Free media in Hong Kong almost completely dismantled – report Guardian

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for more than $40bn Guardian

Ukraine’s President Zelensky to BBC: Blood money being paid for Russian oil BBC

Forty years after the Malvinas war, Britain still acts as if the dispute is settled. It isn’t Guardian

The war makes China uncomfortable. European leaders don’t care The Economist

Why Qatar is done with saying sorry for human rights and equality issues Guardian

Ukraine: Apparent War Crimes in Russia-Controlled Areas HRW

‘This is inhumane’: the cost of zero Covid in Shanghai Guardian

March 2022

Shane Warne state memorial service – in pictures Guardian

China at a COVID Tipping Point Medriva

John Mearsheimer on why the West is principally responsible for the Ukrainian crisis Economist

Roman Abramovich and Chelsea symbolise the rotten state of football The Guardian

Shouldn’t someone in football also care about the war in Yemen just a little? The Guardian

Don’t embrace Saudi Arabia and the UAE because of the Ukraine crisis The Hill

Is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Haunted? Aviation for aviators

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Economist

February 2022

‘His final disgrace’: how the papers covered Prince Andrew’s sex assault case settlement | Prince Andrew MassBlog

What Prince Andrew’s settlement says about wealth and accountability Washington Post

‘Flawed’ U.S. Falls Down List of World’s Most Democratic Countries Bloomberg

New Zealand authorities deploy Barry Manilow against Covid protesters Guardian

How Russia’s neighbours are turning against Putin New Statesman

Russia’s choices and the prospect of war in Ukraine IISS

South-East Asia’s tourism industry is hobbled by uncertainty Economist

US Covid death toll surpasses 900,000 Guardian

Closed China: why Xi Jinping is sticking with his zero-Covid policy FT

Northern Pacific CEO sees 757 service launch this year RunwayGirlNetwork

The Assault on Apple Daily Bloomberg

Warning against traveling to Thailand Scandasia

One by One, My Friends Were Sent to the Camps The Atlantic

January 2022

As Rival Factions Gain Traction, Xi Seeks to Secure Support from the Military The Jamestown Foundation

The triumph of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine Economist

How to kill a god: the myth of Captain Cook shows how the heroes of empire will fall Guardian

Emirates 777 close call The Air Current