Hey ho, hey ho it’s to Chiang Rai we go


Benjamin Tan, the Thai League Director of Club Licensing & Deputy CE), has confirmed the worst kept secret that Chiangmai Football Club’s will move to Chiang Rai United FC’s Singha Stadium during the refurbishment of the 700th Anniversary Stadium from early July.

Mr. Tan implied that it would not be a problem as AC Milan & Inter Milan use of the same stadium. Of course both of those teams are Milan based rather than a 4 hour drive apart.

It would be so much easier if Tan simply said that the League regrets the inconvenience to CMFC fans and hopes that we understand that the work needs to be done.

The reality is that there is nothing we can do about it. I was reminded yesterday that Chiang Rai Utd spent a season in Chiang Mai while their new stadium was under construction.

The club does not own the 700th Anniversary Stadium and it is clearly a good thing that the ground will be renovated for the January 2020 AFC Under 23 tournament – the improvements are much needed.

There is no other ground in CM that meets the TV/League requirements.

The communication from the owners has been truly dismal. Maybe they can at least try and redeem themselves.

Here is the beginnings of a plan for the owners…which will no doubt be 100% ignored.

1. Announce the new “home” schedule within the next week.
2. Ensure that charter buses are available at minimal or no cost to take fans to CR.
3. Better still charter a couple of Air Asia A320s….thats 350 fans – and the stadium is next to the airfield.
4. Announce a plan for reimbursement of season tickets – or as suggested above let people donate their balance to charity – let coach Carlos and his team choose a local charity such as sports equipment for less privileged kids.
5. There are 7 home games to be played in CR. Two are already on consecutive days before or after a CR game.

Friday 12/7 CM v Muangthong
Saturday 13/7 CR v Chainat
Sat 17 Aug CR v Sukhothai
Sun 18 Aug CM v Trat.

Two “home” games clash with a CR game the same day: Wed 31/7 when CR play Buriram (CM plays Suphanburi) and 15 Sept when CR plays Trat (CM plays Prachuap).

Why not make all four of these games into double headers with a 5.45pm and 8pm kick off. One ticket – two games. That just leaves 3 standalone fixtures. This would all need CR, Thai League and TV co-operation – how hard can that be 🙂
6. Promote the games heavily in CR. After all half of the squad are CR players. Discount tickets etc. Free for under 16s.

Do all that and you may even get larger crowds for our home games in CR than we do at the 700th.

The last home game at the 700th anniversary stadium is expected to be 29th June.


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