Referendum night on twitter

From 10pm on the 23rd June until 6.30pm the next morning I was glued to the BBC’s coverage of the EU referendum count.

Twitter was lively as well – and here unedited are my contributions through the night in reverse chronological order.brexit-800x500

London as the new Luxembourg! With a border at the M25! Trump could build the wall!…
Tom Calverley @tcalverley
A petition for an independent London already has more than 50,000 signatures…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
The FT on “What a British divorce from the EU would look like.” It is not pretty.…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Leave asap says EU. “Top EU leader: we want Britain out as soon as possible”…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Self explanatory #EUref

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
I love watching democracy at work…though sometimes it can feel deeply flawed. Time to move on…..

Robert Scott retweeted Kristian Ulrichsen @Dr_Ulrichsen
David Cameron will go down alongside Anthony Eden and Neville Chamberlain as prime ministers who made disastrous political miscalculations.

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#BREAKINGNEWS | Nicola Sturgeon confirms that #IndyRef2 is now very much likely and the legislative process for the same will commence.

Robert Scott retweeted Stanley Pignal @spignal
David Cameron “leaves office in ignominy” – scathing, brutally accurate take from my colleague @JeremyCliffe.…

Robert Scott retweeted Iyad El-Baghdadi @iyad_elbaghdadi
“Post-factual democracy”.…
Felicity Hayes-McCoy @fhayesmccoy
Comment from an FT reader nails it. #BrexitVote

Robert Scott retweeted Tom Clark @guardian_clark
And so the great revolt of the people of England prepares the way for the smooth transition of power from one Etonian to the next

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@Tigerjet7 Easyjet and Ryanair will likely be most affected…as they have bases across the EU. Easyjet shares were down 15% this morning.

Robert Scott retweeted Rafael Behr @rafaelbehr
Already it is extraordinary to look back at how little the campaign really discussed the practical reality of Britain leaving the EU ..

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Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
It is a strange day when I cannot welcome David Cameron’s resignation. Rats and sinking ships come to mind.

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Comment from my Hong Kong colleague. @David_Cameron has just done what the Brits always do. They make a big mess and then they leave…

Robert Scott retweeted @TIME
Read David Cameron’s resignation speech in full

Robert Scott retweeted Paul Mason @paulmasonnews
In a single interactive map the Guardian tells the whole story of Brexit. Spend time here:… (1/2)

Robert Scott retweeted Steve @SteveInCM
Nigel Farage’s victory speech was a triumph of poor taste and ugliness | Zoe Williams | Opinion | The Guardian…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Farage does not speak for the official leave campaign but he is being allowed to act as though he won this referendum. Loathsome. #EUref

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Enough – it has been a marathon. Goodnight/good morning. Wake me when sanity once again prevails. #EUref

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Farnaz Fassihi @farnazfassihi
#Brexit case example of how a politician gambled country & continent’s fate to settle party politics. #DavidCameron

Robert Scott retweeted Farnaz Fassihi @farnazfassihi
Anti-establishment goes global.British voters defy leaders,foreign allies,experts & political establishment. #Brexit

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
This assumes you had some sleep! “We have woken up in a different country”

Robert Scott retweeted Tom Raines @TomHRaines
Remember, everyone, that under Art 50, European Parliament must approve UK withdrawal deal. Below, a Merkel ally.…
Manfred Weber @ManfredWeber
Exit negotiations should be concluded within 2 years at max. There cannot be any special treatment. Leave means leave. #Brexit 4/4

Robert Scott retweeted Oly Duff @olyduff
Damning from Gus O’Donnell: The Prime Minister remains in office but whether he’s in power is another question

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@ascoulson I might hibernate for a few months. Fascinating to watch what happens – but maybe better from a distance!

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
This map tells a story!…
Wings Scotlandsson @WingsScotland
It’s almost all over.

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It’s almost all over.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@ascoulson Correct. And the EU itself must now be under threat . Though this might just prompt the reforms that it needs!

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@gerald_d That I agree with – other than it hurts my pension! There are many challenges ahead.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@gerald_d U have more faith than me. Not sure Cameron’s position is tenable. But who else can lead a torn apart government. @OisinDubai

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@ascoulson Step down rather than step up. He cannot lead a negotiation that he does not believe in, or lead a country he has torn apart.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Damn I am tired – have to stay up to hear what Cameron says – then breakfast and then sleep!

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
David Cameron, the tribe has spoken. It is time for you to leave, And take Mr Osborne with you.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Cameron has to resign if Britain votes for Brexit – No 10 has to commit to and lead the Brexit negotiations. Cameron cannot do that.

Robert Scott retweeted Kevin Maguire @Kevin_Maguire
Very bad taste of Nigel Farage to claim victory “without a single bullet being fired” after the campaign shooting of Jo Cox

Robert Scott retweeted Paul Sinclair @paulbsinclair
Nigel Farage first politician to claim defeat, a draw, defeat and now claim victory all in one night.

Robert Scott retweeted David J. Lynch @davidjlynch
Pound now at 30-yr low against the dollar. #Brexit

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@Supermarketweet Probably should have stayed in Spain and extended your stag week 🙂 ps – happy you survived !

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@gerald_d Indeed 🙁 – and bad news for my pension!

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Nigel Farage claiming victory is an ugly sight….thoroughly unpleasant individual.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
The pound is now down 8% at $1.36, its biggest ever one-day move (it swung by 7% in 2008). Asian traders had assumed “remain.”

Robert Scott retweeted zerohedge @zerohedge
Sheffield has gone Leave by a margin of 6,000 votes. Quite the shock.
Was supposed to be a Remain city

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@boozychef Riveting tv viewing – 3.20am – reckon I have to stay up until 6am…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Watford – leave by 0.54%. Majority just 252. Closest result so far. (I think!).

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Assuming leave prevails the first thing the government should do is move the (very out of touch) UK government to Manchester (or Newcastle).

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Blackpool votes for Leave. Illuminating!…
BBC Referendum @BBCReferendum
Blackpool votes to Leave. Full results: #EURef

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@LordJackTaylor The betting folks have their money on Leave now….big change since the Sunderland result!

Robert Scott retweeted Laura Kuenssberg @bbclaurak
Senior labour figure tells me ‘this has gone, Leave to win’ – Don’t jump up and down with joy or in despair, it’s early and it’s one source

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
This is rapidly turning into London (and Scotland) versus the Rest. #EUref

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Just a note – the remain campaign has been awful – fear factor rather than emphasising why Britains should remain in the EU.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Traveling around Scotland last week there was no sign of campaigning – by either side. Turnout low as a result.…
Jamie Ross @JamieRoss7
The turnout in Glasgow was a low 56.2%. More bad news for Remain.

Robert Scott retweeted Jamie Ross @JamieRoss7
The turnout in Glasgow was a low 56.2%. More bad news for Remain.

Robert Scott retweeted John Walton @thatjohn
Look, we mocked this BBC Polling Index, but it’s actually pretty helpful. Swindon was expected to be Leavier than Sunderland but wasn’t.

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
@misskimpyongya1 Expecting mass relocation from Britain to Pyongyang hoping to find solace by meeting your attractive cabin crew!

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
If Britain votes to leave the EU at least there is an incentive to move to Pyongyang!…
Air Koryo stewardess @misskimpyongya1

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Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
“We’ll acknowledge the Wembley goal” – The Germans are having far more fun than the Brits in this #EUref –…

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Newcastle – Leave did better then expected. Sunderland – Leave wins big.

It is going to be a long night. #EUref

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
Clever! It is going to be a long night!…
Peter Smith @Redpeter99
Gibraltar announces before Sunderland. A rock beats a hard place.

Robert Scott retweeted Andrew S. Crines @AndrewCrines
Grayling describes it as a lively campaign. No, no, no. It was a vile, nasty, poisonous, disgusting campaign. Not lively. NASTY. #EURef

Robert Scott @rascottdotcom
I cannot vote…but if you can vote today you really should. #EUreferendum


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