Blue Rodeo cruise through Nashville

Sadly I cannot think of a better headline. And sometimes, even with my favorite people, you have to be honest. This was a strange concert in a strange venue.

The location, City WInery, Nashville, is basically a posh wine bar and restaurant. Blue Rodeo became a cabaret act for the evening; singing while people sat at tables in front of the stage and ate posh food and drank expensive alcohol.

The acoustics and sight lines are fine.

Waiters serve food and drink throughout the show. They are unobtrusive but still noticeable. There were people drinking coffee. At a Blue Rodeo concert!

OK; we are all getting older. This was not a young crowd. And I guess we are more affluent than in the days of the Horseshoe Tavern; but Blue Rodeo concerts are fun when the band are having fun. When people are standing, singing along, dancing. When there is some interaction between the audience and the band.

This just felt like a “going through the motions concert”.

Devin Cuddy opened the evening with Mike Tuyp, on guitar. They were joined by Blue Rodeo’s Bazil Donovan and Glen Milchem. Devin’s voice is fine; I am just not sure he knows what style of music he wants to sing. It was a smorgasbord.

Blue Rodeo’s playlist was:

Heart Like Mine
Hard to Remember*
What am I doing here
Jimmy Fall Down*
Long Hard Life* (I like this song!)
Head Over Heels
Cant’ Hide this Anymore*
1,000 Arms*
You’re Everywhere
5 Days in May
Lost Together
Hasnt Hit Me Yet

Songs with * are from the new 1,000 Arms album.

That’s it. It was good. But not memorable. That said I would probably pay just to hear Mike Boguski play scales! Let loose in his solos he is formidable.

On to New York!


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