Fog in Dubai

We have had three nights of fog as we lead up to the end of the year.

Low lying fog – created by cooler ground temperatures and warmer air temperatures. High humidity; little wind. fog.

The first night was spectacular and I stayed up from 3.30am until dawn to take pictures in different lights; the night pictures are mostly taken on a tripod – with iso125 and 3 second exposures.

It is quite surreal to be on the 34th floor above the clouds and to see Dubai’s high rise and construction rising out of these cotton wool clouds.

Good for me – not so good for operations at the UAE’s airports. Landings have been ILS Cat IIIb – captain only – and with longer separations. With long hold times there have been diversions and delays. As the fog extends into a third night the pressure to maintain schedules must be intense.

Enjoy the pictures.

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