Do not mess with us

Late last night in London seven people were killed and dozens more injured as a white van sped across London Bridge ramming numerous pedestrians, before three men emerged with large hunting knives for a stabbing spree in adjacent Borough Market, a popular and crowded night spot.

The police were alerted by 10.08pm phone call and within minutes the three terrorists were chased down and killed.

There are many pictures and first hand accounts of the attack and the scenes that followed. You can search for these online and read the media accounts.

The response of the police and emergency services was simply outstanding.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the assault as a “deliberate and cowardly attack on innocent Londoners.

“We will never let these cowards win and we will never be cowed by terrorism,” he added.

London will be as resilient as Manchester two weeks ago. Londoners have seen far worse that three evil men in a van.

The Guardian’s live blog provides measured and up to date coverage of the continuing investigation and stories from eye-witnesses and those affected. Worth following.

London Bridge attack: 21 of those injured are in critical condition, NHS says – live updates


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