DWC from above

An aerial view of DWC during the Dubai Air Show.

The pictures shows the existing LCC terminal expansion, the single main runway but also the much smaller runway under construction for the Emirates Aviation College, the DAS site at the stop of the picture and the storage location for mainly EK 777 airframes at the bottom.

The first phase of the airport’s full development is due to start in 2018; it is unlikely to be completed before 2023.

The first phase includes two satellite buildings with capacity for 120 million passengers annually and accommodate 100 A380 aircraft at any one time. The entire development will cover an area of 56 square kilometres.

Phase I includes the following:

Runways: 3 parallel Code F, CAT III B, 4.5 Km each (2 New+1 existing) with a capability of simultaneous operation

Terminals: West terminal with 165,000 sqm footprint for 35 million passengers annually

Satellite Concourses: 2 Satellite Concourses each with 385,000 sqm footprint each; accommodation 65 million passengers in annual capacity per concourse for a total capacity of over 120 million passengers

200 wide-body aircraft contact stands – 100 stands each for Code E and Code F aircraft


A train will link the Terminal to the Concourses. Each concourse has three stations.

The airport would then be expanded in phase two with the addition of two more runways; an east terminal and two more concourses would be added.

There is another recent 2018 satellite image here.

Links to the city will include high speed rail and the Dubai metro.

There has been no clear statement as to the long term future of the existing airport at DXB.

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