Temple dance off


Wat Chang Kam hosted a party last night for local villagers and representatives from nearby temples in Chiang Mai.

There was food, a lucky draw, three stages with theatre (vaudeville!), music, and a Thai dance-off.

Local temples arrived in a procession at the start of the event – lined up like the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games and cheered on by the small crowd at the side of the narrow road to the temple..

To celebrate the opening of the new building the team at Wat Chedi Liem donated a glass fronted display case…..this arrived on a pick-up truck with bright lights and a second truck providing music from a laptop and a mobile generator. Tradition meets technology.

Another temple arrived with a kitchen cabinet.

Team Chedi Liem were one of the last teams to perform – a disadvantage given the dwindling crowd and the young age of some of the performers. Very sweetly they thanked us afterwards for our afternoon of coaching (not!) and support.

Other teams had rather older dancers – and it was a treat to see how enthusiastically the not so young embraced, and participated in, the event.

Meanwhile on the main stage there were some singers wearing costumes and shoes rarely seen at a temple! Your correspondent was not in any way distracted.

Everyone gets a prize in the 10 baht lucky draw – we have so many instant noodles now!

It was a lovely event. People were very welcoming and happy to answer all of our questions – however silly.

A fun evening. Very Thai. Very entertaining.

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