Watford’s sponsorship own goal

I may have taken a lot of abuse from certain supposed Watford supporters last night – but here is the original Watford fc tweet and the responses in the last 24 hours that directly address the sponsorship deal. 41 comments in total suggests a massive lack of interest.

Here is the original Watford fc tweet

#watfordfc is delighted to welcome Coingaming and its sport betting brand @Sportsbetio as our new front of shirt sponsor!


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Here are the replies that address the sponsorship deal:

Martin Williams @rd_aardvark
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
I wish we didn’t have a betting company. Shouldn’t be allied in football. #PremierLeague take note.

Watford Politic @Watford_Politic
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Surely ‘Sportsbet.iou’ would be a more appropriate name?

Adam Vessey @AdamVessey
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
fittingly disjointed promo, to go with this dodgy new sponsor.

Owen @OwenBowe
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
So bored of seeing betting companies sponsorship everywhere. The sooner they reinstate the advertising ban on it the better. Adults know where to bet, don’t need kids to see it 24/7.

Tom Wicks @wicksfootball
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
For a club that leads by example in so many areas of the current game, it is disappointing to see another betting company adorning the shirt of the club. An industry that is a scourge to many supporters of the game.

john parslow @hornetboy84
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
What disappoints me about a betting company is that it cannot go on the kids shirts …

Iain @IainSears
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio

Peter Orn @PeteOrn
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Disappointing sponsor. Another betting start up.

Mick Lewers @wolery
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
What a shame. Thought we were better than this. (No pun intended.)

Jacqueline Ainsley @JaxMonquay
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Online betting? Bitcoin? http://Sportbet.io not even live trading company. Where are the family values Watford?

Iain @IainSears
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
I’d much sooner not have a betting company in on our shirts. Will there be an option to buy one without the sponsor logo?

Richard Spragg @Richard_Spragg
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Very disappointing.

graham clews @grahammclews
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Betting company. 🙄

Joseph McCarthy, Jr. @JMcCarthy86
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Well….I was going to get a Kit this year….

Kevin Putman @Kput888
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Big in China…… probably!!

Philip Gamble @freeg131
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Ugh. Please have a sponsor that adds value not misery.

Rob McGowan @RobMcGowan4
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Will we be able to buy the new kit without the dodgy sponsor like @WestHamUtd are doing?

Dave Busby @DaveBusby5
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
Shame on you Watford on many counts. You are part of the problem encouraging kids to gamble. No need for this and should set a better example.

aka Patrick @devinchauve
Replying to @WatfordFC @Sportsbetio
A shame that we accept sponsor from Chinese companies. Especially a betting one

While not a crisis – given the overall apathy – this is something of an own goal for the club.

Over on Facebook there are 69 comments – unhindered by the twitter character limit:

Here are some:

John Duggan Not okay! Gambling in this country is a scourge and has lead to too many suicides, serious debt leading to depression and other mental health issues, family breakdowns and ill health. It is recognised as such and to promote it and have fans – especially kids – advertising it on the shirts they buy is downright irresponsible in 2019. It puts out the wrong message and it sallies the reputation of Watford as a family club.

Steve Roberts Error of judgement Mr Duxbury. Do not associate my club with gambling. Ask Eidhur Gudjohnsen, Paul Merson, or even our former player Michael Chopra why. There are many others.

David Bell Great because football really needs another betting company. Couldn’t we have just tried to raise above a little given all the family club heritage and stuff? Do we need the money that much? And what’s with the stupid ‘know no borders’ hashtag? It’s not solving world peace or finding a cure for cancer.

Pete R Jones It’s a shame that a family club has to tie into something so rotten and damaging. Very sad, no new shirt for me

And in the interests of fair play here are a couple of people who thinks it is ok: I have not corrected the spelling. What people fail to understand is that gbp7m a year is just a drop in the bucket compared to tv fees – and

Remo Divito It’s the year 2019 the best sponsorship deals offers are from Betting Companies I don’t see a problem with it everybody needs to take a rain check and move on people are so over opinated be it for right or wrong Move On.
Javi Gracia hopefully will get some of the money for new players it makes business sense and another step forward taken by Watford F.C.

Mark Tomlin No one mentioned the sleeve sponsors last year were a betting company everybody take a chill pill and count the millions some people are giving us

It is clearly an issue that has polarised views. There is the take the money view – and there is the concerned view that this sponsorship is not in the traditions or values of the club. I know which side I am on.