Seeing red

The Patrik fan club gathered at Ayutthaya.

Thai League 2
Sunday 23 October 2022
Ayutthaya United 2 Chiang Mai FC 1

Chiang Mai FC:
Im Changkyoon
Bo Yong Kim

There are few things that annoy me more on a football pitch than watching a group of grown up men haranguing the referee to try and get him to send off one of the opposition team.

This game did not turn on Suwit’s 65th minute sending off but it did ensure that Chiang Mai could not make up the one goal deficit and effectively ended the game as a meaningful contest.

Suwit had already been booked in the first half – so tugging back Ratthakron on the half way line was unwise. The referee was instantly surrounded by a swarm of red-shirted Ayutthaya players. And the referee fell victim to the pressure.

A stern telling off – a do not do that again or you are off – would have been sufficient. Until that moment it had been a very watchable game without any malice on either side.

An absorbing first half was very easy on the eye – but was surprisingly short of goal scoring opportunities.
Chiang Mai opened the scoring in the tenth minute when Filipovic’s long ball down the side-line found Bo Yong Kim on the right wing. His pass inside was met by Im Chang Kyoon, stretching to get his shot away. His low drive took a huge deflection off the top of the Brazilian defender Thiago’s foot and looped over Prin into the net.

Chiang Mai’s lead was short lived. Ratthakron on the right side seeing Gustavinho inside the penalty area and creating some space between him and his marker, Sarawut. With the ball sent smartly into his feet the Brazilian winger had time to take a couple of touches, turn and send his left footed drive into Fahas’ bottom right corner.

The rest of the half saw both sides moving the ball around but unable to break down well-organised defenses. Pongrawit’s contribution at this stage was eye-catching. Calm and assured as the playmaker. He was to fade in the second half.

Nilson did not emerge for the second half. Can’t live if living is without you wondered the crowd.

Kim Bo Yong shot over from a very narrow angle. Keanun at the other end chipped over the bar.

Four minutes into the second half and the home side thought that they had the lead as Thiago nodded home Jakkapan’s free kick. Offside flagged the linesman. He was right. Thiago had made his run too early.
Presumably all the Ayutthaya players who surrounded the linesman to strongly protest his decision will now be writing long letters to express their contrition.

Phakapon then fed Gustavinho on the right side. He cut inside and drilled the ball at the far post – where Fahas was able to sprawl across goal and make a difficult low save.

Moments later Gustavinho did the same thing cutting inside Sarwaut who finished sprawled on his back. This time his shot deflected off Suwannapat’s chest and looped past the wrong-footed Fahas in goal.
Suwit’s second booking and sending off then ended what has been an even contest.

Thiago headed a corner inches wide of the far post and as the game ran into injury time Chiang Mai threw everyone forward for two successive corners. Ronnayod’s shot over the crossbar being the last action of the game.

Chiang Mai had played some attractive football but Im’s goal was their only on target goal attempt. Amornthep played the second half in place of Suchanon; Gustavsson replaced Kim BoYong with 20 minutes remaining. Neither could change the outcome.

Ayutthaya were good value for their win; and in their trio of Brazilians they have found players that make a genuine offensive and defensive impact. They are top of the table for a reason.