Grim times


It is increasingly hard for me to write anything about some of the biggest news stories of the day.

I used to share view on so much of the daily news; but somehow my leisurely lifestyle in Chiang Mai feels a very long way from world events; and worse that that it is increasingly clear that whatever I may think there is little that I can do.

And if I do rant then I will only antagonise those with differing views in an increasingly polarised world.
I have had my fair share of twitter abuse; some of it quite unpleasant; my voice, like so many others, is simply then silenced.

Healthy disagreement should not be an excuse for abuse. Worse than that – anonymous abuse. It is so easy to hide at a keyboard while insulting, offending as many people as possible; with zero repercussions.

I simply care less about this than I should. I have become disengaged.

It does not mean that I have stopped reading; it does not mean that I do not have strong views on right and wrong. The social conscience that my old school housemaster wrote about still exists.

But I have given up (most of) the fight. I am sure I not alone. The trolls have taken over the asylum. That is not everyone. But it is remarkable how many people simply want to fight but not be seen; who have the sense of entitlement that they can throw their vitriol without consequences.

There are times when I seriously hate what this world has become and how we as humans are failing the basic responsibilities of kindness and compassion.