Covid diary

Well I have avoided this for four years – since Covid first emerged early in 2020.

But I have it. And it is not fun.

I guess the technical term is that it is endemic now – not an epidemic. My third and last vaccination was in January 2022.

It arrived quickly.

Thursday 10 May

Thursday evening I was feeling tired – and went to bed early….before 10pm.

Then had the most awful sleepless night – awake from about midnight and not knowing where to put myself. Headache, bodyache, fever, cough, blocked sinuses. Bodyache was bad around my left kidney area. Strange

I masked up on Friday morning – and drove to the pharmacy in Kad Farang. Bought a couple of Covid tests and also some fever medication.

Covid test was positive – I knew it would be. But I have some food and can isolate at home.

Wierdest sensation in the day was how hard it was to move my legs and to get them to support me. Muscle weakness is apparently a common symptom.

The cough comes and goes – sometimes as if I want to choke.

Another early night.

Saturday 11th.

Slept a little better but that is relative. At least I was able to get back to sleep.

Woke having a massive bout of shivering.

Then decided I was too hot and turned the bedding around s that my had was nearest to the AC.

Headache is manageable today.

Bodyache is horrible – and is now worst underneath my upper arms. Fever comes and goes – sometime I feel really hot – and break into a bad sweat. Really is best to have nothing else to do

Legs are so tired that they do not want to support me.

Sunday 12th

Sadly I had to watch CMFC play their T2 playoff game from home on Saturday evening. There was no way I could have sat through the game in the stadium. And it would have been unfair on people around me as I was likely still infectious.

But did not leave the house all day and am starting to go a bit stir crazy.

Symptoms report – I did sleep better – no shivering. Aching. Mainly underneath the tops of my arms and across my back. Stuffed up, sore throat but no fever.

Monday 13th

2nd Covid test. Still positive.

Had to mask up and go and go out for a new supply of medication.

Headache, dry mouth. Tired.

Tuesday 14th

Much more of a cough today and a very sore throat. But my legs feel stronger. Can bounce up the stairs without feeling that I am having to drag myself.