Has CMFC reached the end of the road?

Credit : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094909265625

There is a report this morning from Thai football journalist Bubble Yingrak that Chiang Mai FC has failed to obtain a license to play in T2 next season.

He reports that CMFC is the only team in T2 that did not pass “Club Licensing” due to not submitting financial documents despite being given encouragement and support from the Thai League.

League regulations now require CMFC to move down to T3 according to the procedure. Chapter 3 : Article 8.3 which clearly states that:

“The member organization must submit the license (Club Licensing) issued by the association to participate in the competition. In case of not receiving the license (Club licensing), it will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. In case of the member organization not receiving the license, it will have the right to return to the Thai League level 3 according to the Thai League 3 competition procedure.”

Kasetsart, who finished 16th this season will now have the opportunity to stay in T2. Whether they want to stay or not is another matter. If not Kasetart then Customs and then Krabi.

Kasetsart did apparently clear T2 licensing as by the deadline for submission there were no outstanding financial complaints and some players had already been paid their arrears.

There is, predictably, no information from the club on any of its social media channels. Although CMFC does apparently have 7 days to appeal the licensing decision.

Updates will follow when available.

Wednesday 15th

“Bubble Yingrak” is reporting this morning that the Thai League sent a letter to Chiang Mai FC last night and confirmed that it did not pass “Club Licensing” in 2 areas which are “Structural Criteria” and “Financial Criteria”.

CMFC can file an appeal by 17 May. The club may also send a letter to ask to play in “Thai League 3” before 31 May.

For 2 topics that didn’t pass, the subject of “structure” is the Chiang Mai Municipality stadium.

But this issue should not be a problem as the club has played at the Municipal Stadium since 2021/21.

The big problem is “finance.” The required financial documents were simply not submitted in the first place.

If an appeal is filed there is currently no financial information to reconsider.

The report noted that there has been no communication with football fans and reminded the club owner that CMFC fans are waiting for answers.