Dubai looking spectacular on film

Over the last 5 years, Dubai Film has collaborated with companies like Shotover Camera Systems and Aerial Filmworks to develop the very best technology in the world for Aerial Filmmaking.

Dubai Film has compiled this film from some of Joseph Hutson’s aerial operation over the last 5 years in Dubai with the Shotover P1, Shotover K1, Shotover F1, Cineflex Ultra, Inspire 1, and even some handheld.

To see some of the full-length projects for which Dubai Film was responsible for shooting aerials, see the following:

Burj Khalifa Pinnacle BASE Jump – 4K…

Emirates: #HelloJetman…

Dream Jump – Dubai 4K…

The Breitling Wingwalkers Soar above Dubai…

Camera Operator: Joseph Hutson
Helicopter Pilots: Andy Nettleton, Andrew Masterson
Excitor Pilot: Nasser Al Neyadi
1st AC: Joel E. Schaeffer
Rigging: Michael Dix. Andy Gribble, Joel E. Schaeffer
Drone Pilot: Ahmad Al Amlah
Producers: Irene Proimos, Marta Espinosa Gironella Gayton
Editor: Joseph Hutson
Executive Producer: Omar Obaid Eisa
Music: “Believe” by Hi-Finesse

Not bad…not bad at all!

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