Back to the future

Khun Yosmaetha Chataraviroj and players and staff of CMFC – picture CMFC Official

CMFC Press Conference – March 2 2023

Yesterday’s Chiang Mai FC press conference offered few insights into the future of the club other than introducing นายยศเมธา จันทรวิโรจน์ – Yosmaetha Chantaraviroj (“Sam”) as a new Director of the Club.

Sam will serve as a Director for the remainder of this season before assuming full ownership of the club and becoming its President for 2023/2024.

The short term role as a Director is apparently due to the club licensing process. There will be more news at a future date.

Sam is the grandson of his stepfather Udonphan Chantaraviroj, former owner president of Chiang Mai FC before the sale to Boon Rawd in 2016. I have also seen him described as the nephew of the ex-owner. Thai family structures can be complicated.

Two of his senior colleagues were also in attendance; they were previously involved with the club and will likely be responsible for guidance and decision making.

There was a short statement by K. Yosmaetha but no questions and answers. Not so much of a press conference.

He thanked BGPU and CMFC management and said that he has been a supporter of the club since hew was a boy and that he would seek to build the club as a  top six club in Thailand.

He talked about developing a sustainable future for the club with new training facilities and an academy that would focus on the development of local players. Is it a little cynical to think that this is what all new owners say?

A small number of local media were there. And five of our first team squad. Perhaps surprisingly Coach Fukuda did not attend.

One obvious question that no one asked was the what if question. What happens if CMFC have a run of wins; make the playoffs and are promoted to T1? The impact on future funding/financing/player and staff recruitment would be immense. Is this a contingency that the new ownership is prepared for?

In a short huddle with a couple of local reporters and a larger number of photographers Sam advised that BGPU/Boon Rawd would become a supporter and no longer the owner but would continue to provide assistance if needed.

cmfcenglish was introduced to K Yosmaetha  and he kindly agreed to an interview at a future date. I understand that people connected with, and supporters of, the club will have lots of questions. Sorry that are few answers and not a great deal of information. I think we have to let this season run its course first under the existing leadership and structure and then see what changes are made after the season ends.

Story and pictures from Chiang Mai News – in Thai