A guest post from Robert Lewis II (or as we know him Robert Lewis LXXXVII) – originally posted on Facebook on 12 May – I did make two small edits – sorry Rob – but this is a family page! Given today’s news about CMFC’s failed license application this seems like a good time to give this post a wider audience!

Thanks, Rob – looking forward to the next one!

“I’m not the writer that Robert Scott is, but I figured now would be a good time to get some thoughts off of my chest. Heads up, I’m not holding back.

This season started off with so much promise, an undefeated start, talent beyond our wildest dreams, a new owner who appeared to care about winning, things looked up.

I finally got to attend a game, a 6-1 victory over Krabi FC as my favourite player Stenio scored a goal like I asked him to before the game. I saw a team of humble players who showed that they care about their supporters, and had the time of my life watching.

The next week, I’m back in Calgary and Chiangmai FC loses their first game of the season. But it’s okay, we’ll bounce back, I thought to myself. We may have lost but it was a good, even battle that could’ve gone either way against Nakhon Si. I had no shame in how the team played. However, unfortunately, Big Sand, our owner disagreed. So, in a very public fashion, he fired Coach Fukuda-san, perhaps one of the best coaches in the club’s history over ONE loss (and I’m not counting the FA Cup because clearly the organization didn’t either).

What would then happen would be a circus of going through every coach ever. We had Albert Garcia who did his best and was a class act but stepped down. We had what’s his face who decided to be an idiot and ASSAULT A REFEREE (I don’t care that the ref sucked, you DON’T DO THAT). Then we had Big Golf who was easily the best choice but understandably, he was probably tired of our owner, Kim Jacka** Un and left and now WHO EVEN IS THE COACH NOW?!

This season also featured the releasing of fan favourite David Cuerva (a screw up so bad that he ended up in T1), replacing him with Alef who I pray to God I NEVER see in a Chiangmai FC jersey again, our twat of an owner forgetting to pay players to the 25th Anniversary Jersey debacle where everyone ordered them back in December and they just got delivered NOW.

However, the most disgraceful thing to happen this season in my eyes is our dictator/owner’s decision to block Simes Salmon and Rob Scott all because “MY GOD HOW DARE THEY CRITICIZE ME 😱”. You own a football club, you’re a public figured and you have money you inherited from your father, if you are THAT insecure, please seek help. But what pisses me off the most about this is that these two men are the reason I know what I know about Chiangmai FC and T2. Through Rob’s reports and Rob and Simon’s podcast, they made this club the easiest to follow for a fan living in Canada like myself. Those two men have not only supported the club but helped to grow the club on an international scale. I could’ve easily gone to fake Chiangmai or Lamphun Warrior FC if it wasn’t for those two. They helped me get into the club and this is how you repay them?

As for the season’s ending, losing to Nakhon Si in the playoffs? It’s a damn shame. Credit to Nakhon Si, they earned this but if our idiot owner doesn’t fire Fukuda-san, or at least doesn’t release David Cuerva, this club finishes Top 2 and is in T1 next season, and I will even go as far to say that we win the ENTIRE LEAGUE if it wasn’t for Big Sand’s ego being bigger than his body.

Big Sand, sell the damn team, or better yet, go choke on a Big Mac. You’re a disgrace.”